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a few months back when I had been reading the thread for a while and was contemplating a second purchase, I mentioned dreaming about a jacket that wasnt available, i remeber it as a tan/whiskey calf suede monster that was all zips and seams and asymmetry. Much like this but done up in the same material as my baseball. I am telepathetic. Need more ends tho
I'm making a weekend trip up from Buffalo for my birthday with the wife. Moved to Bflo after a stint in ny and boston so I'm up for any kind of food.   it looks like canoe, splendido, guu, banh mi boys and black hoof come up often as good spots.  I miss ny's momofuku ramen and pork buns from cold nights but will avoid it if it's just a bad re-hash or if there's a better place for that meal. Any good/great mens or womens shops that I should hit up, Id love to have a...
how does the Reed fit compared with 3sixteen SLs? in particular looking at the "ducks", looks by some measurements to have a slightly lower rise. that the case? Thanks in advance
those look fantastic
http://www.unionmadegoods.com/gitman_vintage_Lumberjack_Buffalo_Plaid_Button_Down_7876.htmlGitmans at unionmade are on sale
yea, and I'd love to drive one but it's just a 2.0T A4 with taller suspension, skid plates and matte fenders. Maybe a 2013 A6 wagon is still forthcoming but I dont think theyll be sending us the new RS6  in avant form.
pity the only 2013 Audi wagon on the market right now is the 2.0T A4 (maybe you could count the A7 long hatch), you'd think they'd at least have a small US release of the RS6 to go against the E63 wagon.  That MB shooting brake for sale stateside?   Crosstour is atrocious, as are most wagons on the road. Subaru forester, Dodge Magnum being two that come to mind...but they look so good done right. I'd like my next car to be a CPO A6 avant, maybe '09 or '10 when they made...
i got a free loaner while i was under warranty...a jetta 2.5...always.
http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?tracktype=usedcc&csDlId=&csDgId=&listingId=104819431&listingRecNum=86&criteria=sf1Dir%3DASC%26mkId%3D20049%26stkTyp%3DU%26rd%3D500%26crSrtFlds%3DstkTypId-feedSegId-mkId-prcId%26zc%3D14086%26prcId%3D28827%26prcId%3D28826%26rn%3D50%26PMmt%3D1-0-0%26stkTypId%3D28881%26sf2Dir%3DASC%26sf1Nm%3Dmiles%26sf2Nm%3Dprice%26isDealerGrouping%3Dfalse%26rpp%3D50%26feedSegId%3D28705&aff=criteo&listType=1 was gonna say a6
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