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Bank had my wife open a checking account with interest then she moved a chunk of money into it. they ran a credit check for overdraft or some shit without her permission then in the months before the purchase she moved that chunk of money back. They made her supply statements for both accounts and asked for something in writing about the credit check. Prepare that kind of backup for all the money movements you've had. They get picky.
yea black wheels on blue and white interior aren't my favorites but I wouldnt kick her out of bed. Sounds like a dream car with a great history. Have fun GF
Ny can be hell on your car but if you're making a day of it, there is some great driving in westchester & Rockland counties and north jersey. Likewise with Boston, aside from commuting traffic, there's great day and weekend trips to be taken to NYC, hamptons, Newport, Cape, New Hampshire, Maine.
shit, soon as Bows posts pics im gonna have to draft a damn email to charly, wallet not ready
Lunar Chencukka QS, different for sure, I'm finding my taste is a little out there but I like them, a couple other colorways at Bodega http://shop.bdgastore.com/products/lunar-chenchukka-qs
Jesus Christ stop with the brand blowjob shit
That looks so fun
^ nike doing orthopedics?
Phaeton was a Halo car that represented what VW was capable of, from an era when they had an identity crisis, putting the w12 in Passats.    Phaeton compares, arguably to top trim MB S class amiright? what VW and MB does with the rest of their models is what creates their brand identity. I think its interesting how MB, at least from my American perspective has held on to their status as a brand. Even if BMW and Audi and VW and Hyundai (Equus) are capable of making...
^tl:dr idfnl?
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