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Some tech fleece, including the AW77 3.0 hoodie, at pro direct. http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Search.aspx?q=Nike%20tech%20fleece
given the surroundings, dignity could be left intact.   my uncle leases an S, the dealership treats him like royalty, I can see why Piob would be convinced of the merits especially being that he abhors waiting in the service area with plebes.
had to look it up when you used the word luscious, pretty accurate
sharp looking car, id be happy no matter what seat i was in.
not knocking anyone for liking them, very simple shape, pretty easy on the eyes. I won't rule out getting a pair if I come across a color I like at a decent price. 
Roshe just feels like Nike's answer to the quick & cheap replacement shoes like Tom's, Vans, Converse. They aren't something I'd go out of my way to look at but the way people are addicted to getting new colorways, it makes all the sense in the world that they'd come out with something of such simple construction.
Ditto on kentpope's statement, wish I hadn't slept on the previous season's blackwatch but I like how dark the hop sack is
Just the reinforcement I was hoping for, thanks the both of you.
following up a question I asked a while ago, might just have to order and try on ... this answer from Kiya was what I was hoping to hear but rise measurement is smaller by an inch and waist by a .5 inch in corresponding sizes..? ive got a pair of SLs but my thighs/butt are a bit too big and i have had to repair crotch twice, probably wont repair again. I've got a pair of CS-100 in the same size which are great for work being that they have plenty of room but id like some...
late to the party but just received tech pant. Despite all the advice I probably would have ordered my normal XL. Fortunately, they were already sold out and I ordered 2XL just to check, perfect fit. Strange the sizing is so off but I like them alot. 
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