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Something about grey, the right grey sweater or sweatshirt just feels like a home.
Baldness is a factor that complicates matters
i saw one of these in white just last weekend. Only saw it from the rear from a distance and had no idea what it was. glad to see this post it bugged me all last week.  white looked sharp BTW
Cole, retain the jawnz you have, acquire more jawnz. 
[[SPOILER]]     we're rounding the corner on our home renovations, cabinets are mostly in and waiting for countertop. walls are painted, carpets have been pulled and we're waiting for floors to been refinished. in making all this noise, we stirred up an colony of carpenter ants that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. they were living in the upstairs exterior wall of the main bathroom so the wife was instantly grossed out, exterminator handled the bugs but she still...
congrats on the accepted offer. We had a similar situation with a stubborn previous owner sitting on something he knew should be worth more but he never made an aesthetic updates. unfortunately he didnt have a real estate agent to talk sense to him so we had to banter back and forth with the dope.
fuhhhhh, been putting off rib collar CWU while renovating house....should not kop but the leather, she wont wait much longer...woe is me
yep, the guys called mythbusters on all the ocean washing, never washing garbage. just wear them and when you need to wash them, turn them inside out. 
i had some bad tire wear problems last summer, was on the road 4 hrs/day. they had milled the thruway for 20-30 miles at a time and then come back to pave a few miles a day then mill another long stretch. fucking awful. 
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