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Just got this email We’re writing to update you about the Hill-Side Made-To-Order shirt you ordered in December. We are expecting a delivery from the Gitman factory this week. You will receive an email with tracking number and confirmation of shipment as soon as your shirt has gone out.
And I just let a decent priced wolf grey lunar fk1 in my size 13 slip on eBay. Dumbass.
not going to argue with you on that point
^ very sharp.
getting all frustrated bc I slept on the fk lunar1 wolf greys so searching around with the futile intent of finding them in my size  and wouldnt you know Ive found them in everything except the bigs, 12, 13 that would actually work. Anyway, ive never heard of this usatopsoccer site but they have them in a bunch of sizes on the cheap. thought id share.
I'm by the Niagara outlet, I'll swing thru and have a look. Wifey's been asking me to pick her up some gear anyhow.
had to do the same with my first bball, sucks but worth it.
been too damn cold to wear my leathers, gotta learn to milk the sweetspots in spring and fall.
yep, no selling your used goods in their company thread. frowned upon. 
havn't seen mine (winter aloha long sleeve) or tracking info either, did get the button though. I was just curious if there was anyone else. I ordered over email as well, which was good of them to do. 
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