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I picked up a pair of 30BSPs to fill the fit gap between my SLs and CSs. They fit perfect and are without a doubt my new go-to pair. Thanks to the Self Edge crew for answering my questions and a quick turnaround on the order. Mike
does it look.....superfluous?
outsole, mistype.
http://nikeinc.com/news/air-on-the-moon-nike-air-max-lunar90#/inline/25620   dont know which image turned me off before, they look good but I cant get past that silver insole
look at the product shots on NDC, the silver lunar sole looks like some second they sent to DSW   Id probably cop if it was a matte grey or white outsole.
this picture looks good but the NDC do better to show the silver outsole and it looks shit.
Excellent. Thanks very much for the reply Kiya, I'll be picking up a pair. Have a great holiday.
Any chance of some 30bsps size 38 in one of the stores that isn't showing online? Thanks guys, Happy Turkey.
watched girl with the dragon tattoo (US version) the other night and choked up when she threw out the gifted MTM leather. Have no money.....must ....resist...leather ...MA-1....
Don't own but that cruiser looks great
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