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yeah its tough to see Mom & Pop places go out of business, that's what irks me. Its a similar argument behind the "Buy American" or "buy local" that's been so popular in the last few years. I can get behind it sometimes but it doesnt always make sense, even if you have the best intentions.
fuuuuuhhh black/black or navy/sand...first world problems
To GFs defense, I do like the exterior of the Grand Cherokee, they've gotten better and better looking in the past few years, but I doubt the fit & finish is near par with the RR. 
anybody a size 11.5-12 narrow want my the Air Saubles,? i have a wide foot and though I wore them a bit, eventually bought the next size up, not asking much, maybe shipping and a bit of drinking money.    [[SPOILER]]
this may trump my rib collar CWU thoughts...
you can call wal-mart the picture perfect model of capitalism because they streamline all deliveries and deal in such volumes that they can negotiate prices so much lower than most all competitors. But I think their business model is gross. It might be hypocritical and wasteful of my own money to pick and choose where i want to spend it but Wal-Mart has always rubbed me the wrong way. Great people watching though.
NORE doesnt seem mad, seems to be calling you tasteless, also refer to use of "butt hurt"
i probably would
exactly my thoughts. We're taking down the old vent chimney as it frees up a corner in the kitchen and a bedroom and ditching the old water heater. It's just my wife and I at the moment but its a big house so with visitors or a big family, water usage could get pretty high. We'll have to put in either a tank-less or power vent and I'd like to pick the up and coming tech if it is becoming the standard
im seeing a little about that, i cant imagine its a great deal more than maintenance for regular water heaters but if it results in a longer product lifespan than it makes since to me...is it just a routine flushing, can anyone elaborate?
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