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had to do the same with my first bball, sucks but worth it.
been too damn cold to wear my leathers, gotta learn to milk the sweetspots in spring and fall.
yep, no selling your used goods in their company thread. frowned upon. 
havn't seen mine (winter aloha long sleeve) or tracking info either, did get the button though. I was just curious if there was anyone else. I ordered over email as well, which was good of them to do. 
anybody else order one of the hill-side gitman customs from the NY pop up?
id like the Q5 as well only because I'm 6'1" and couldnt fit in the GLK or x3 comfortably. built for wives. Q5 had much more legroom. GLK if you put a gun to my head.
that FT-1 looks bizarre. Not knocking it though, its nice that its such a departure from the norm.
I'm surprised its taken this long for navigation to be and car information to be integrated into the dash in this fashion. I only hope that these can be swapped/repaired/updated as you would a phone that gets glitchy. I wonder if there will still be options for analog style dashes for those that prefer the simplicity.
Haha I'm the same and just hoping they keep sales open long enough that I can get one more. Hadn't even thought of this.
im about the same size and if you take good measurements and ask nicely, charly will take care of you.
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