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so good.
I havnt looked on Gilt for years but they were constantly running OP and Mosley Tribe sales. Just checked and they have Some Raybans and Persols up right now. Good styles come up now and again.
Idfnl, wife and I just bought a whole new Frigidaire Gallery set, like SUPER K with his Bosch; its so quiet i have to get real close to make sure its even on, all i can hear is water running through the pipes like I left a faucet on. It does a pretty great job. We had a Bosch in out previous apartment, I'd agree with SUPER K that it works great, it has better ratings than the Frigidaire Gallery DW but we preferred the look of the set over the Bosch.
$235 for a grey crew neck with a nylon arm pocket...I get that they were "updating classic sports silhouettes" but that's fucking obnoxious. Weak.
Holy shit $358. Full retard
These two.
the available TOJ0 colorways were pretty limited to those listed at the outset, right? olive body/black lamb sleeve keeps coming up in my head.
Some tech fleece, including the AW77 3.0 hoodie, at pro direct. http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Search.aspx?q=Nike%20tech%20fleece
given the surroundings, dignity could be left intact.   my uncle leases an S, the dealership treats him like royalty, I can see why Piob would be convinced of the merits especially being that he abhors waiting in the service area with plebes.
had to look it up when you used the word luscious, pretty accurate
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