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I've got to recommend this shirt. Its one of my favorites, gets heavy rotation in the summertime.
that unrealized potential tho. I should start saving for a used one...
Loving the spring weather coming back, my brown lamb A2 sans fur size 56. Never felt the DR was my style but sure would love to try one on
Do people run in the racer or is that more a casual sneaker?
Stop counting the weeks, your life will begin anew upon receipt of jawnz but in the meantime, go hunt bebz and drive carelessly and eat greasy beautiful foods and invent the next Flappy bird but fuck off with the week counting. Jawnz will be ready when MTM jawnz will be ready. I'm gonna takes a nap in my a2
not bad
Late to party but 29 here, surprised to find myself somewhere in the middle
My car was hit on St Pattys in a much worse fashion, took it to the dealer's body shop as it was covered. It needed a new door, new quarter panel, new wheel but it looks like new afterward
mine had that much discoloration from denim in only a few wears. shes a delicate one. thats a damn nice fit for an ebay pickup.
need to see a black and grey but they look good, better than the lunar 2 for sure
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