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i like the grey. goes into production next year... no V8 though, twin turbo v6 for 600 HP http://jalopnik.com/ford-gt-this-is-it-1678893649
new Ford GT
Buick Avenir concept y
 JFC, VW/Audi really needs to expand their offerings stateside.
This thing with the 3.0t is laughable to some but It's all I want.
look good, more in lines with the fk1, the 2s never looked right
It is a beauty and Audi knows it, even their new flagship concept is just riffing on what they knew they had as a perfect coupe.
CTS are up in the 3sixteen site, but alas, no hemming. When will we see them on SE?
new CTS-V is pretty damn handsome.
did he do the new logo graphics for Gerber knives?
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