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VMR V710 V708 (a stock look with more concave) V721
Thanks for the link, they list a couple vendors I hadn't shopped. I know it's been gaining a footing with designers, it seems durable and obviously Pinterest as hell. I was just curious if the sealant needs to be reapplied often for a shower floor.
Have any of you had experience with concrete tiles? I'm still just planning our attic master but the wife is pretty attached to the look of this floor
I'd have to go with Icon's "TLC" shop version of the FZJ80 with the LS# V8, But until I can step up to a land cruiser, I've got an 08 4runner V8 limited, slowly updating suspension and whatever else I can so that it can be a forever truck. I'd love to pick a GTI/Golf R for a runabout/grocery getter but I dont know if you could call that a forever car
I feel like I've seen less and less of these. This makes sense.
we talking robocop SHO? I loved that thing as a kid.My brother is engineer-y to the point that his explanations end up making people feel stupid on a regular basis and his ignorance to their embarrassment makes him seem spectrum-y. Right on your wavelength.I hope that typo was intentional
Chevy makes appliances.
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