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Towel warmers a must-have? Slowly creating an attic master suite from the studs and would love any input the forum might have. Radiant floor heat in the bath is high on the list, soaking tub has been ditched in lieu of a larger shower. A skylight or two. I've got a half-baked Google sketchup model if anyone's curious.
I think those are great looking cars, congrats.
Just me, then? Cheers and thanks for what you're doing here.
Getting into those Bloody Mary's? Merry Christmas right back atcha
has anybody had experience with the Apple Carplay business? Nav/head unit in my truck is pretty weak and was thinking about updating. the Pioneer avic-6100nex is what I was looking at
PHEW! I have no funds for it ATM but i cant lose the future opportunity for an MA-1 or varsity. 
Quilted models incoming. ?
That is going to age so beautifully. So good @ajchen 
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