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Late to party but 29 here, surprised to find myself somewhere in the middle
My car was hit on St Pattys in a much worse fashion, took it to the dealer's body shop as it was covered. It needed a new door, new quarter panel, new wheel but it looks like new afterward
mine had that much discoloration from denim in only a few wears. shes a delicate one. thats a damn nice fit for an ebay pickup.
need to see a black and grey but they look good, better than the lunar 2 for sure
just dreamin
ive got a similar fit issue, most recently resolved with a pair of 3Sixteen 30BSPs but ll give these a look next time I'm shopping.
TOJ0 available with available with olive body/black details?  
i had a dream about this jacket before I saw pictures, i shit you not.
Brown A2ette will be babely, no gamble there.
Walked away a from the apc US site then was kicking myself and found them on apc.fr. But still didn't pull the trigger. Next morning, they were gone. Always annoyed when I miss something I genuinely like bc I'm picky as fuck.
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