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auttrader has a "3rd row seat" option under advanced options, could just select that, set the radius and max price and have at it...
  im assuming before they started using these?   http://www.cameracarsystems.com/pages/gallery.html
i think hes looking for more seating, the Toyota option would be the Highlander I think, camry chassis if im not mistaken, boring but would certainly get the job done.
you are too logical for the female mind, they dont understand outliers and attraction, only feels. Avoid that group guilt trip. 
TRUST THE PROCESS, caps lock not intended but emphasis is appropriate.
they do.
these were uncomfortable as hell, returned.
so lost
you guys gonna be getting any of the Nike Lunar Solstice mids? 
we have good hardwood worth saving in half of the downstairs but will be putting down tile in the foyer through to the kitchen as the floors werent in such good shape. have thought about radiant floor heat...really like the idea but it would be quite a bit of square footage to install...
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