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anyone ever handled the navy suede bucks? they're sitting pretty cheap at $200, Sanders at End were next best price I could find at $240. Anyone know of a better option or better price to be had? 
I like the fly knit color but that silver midsole looks like a Payless purchase.
my eyes hurt
looking to pick up some new runners, leaning toward the pegasus 31, Any standing coupon deals I should chase down? 20% off roadrunnersports looks decent. 
ditto on the 30BSP love, any chance on a full indigo "120" style or olive or duck canvas?
i run wide sizes when possible, jack purcells are too damn narrow. Ive tried them on a few times and never even stand up to walk around or look in the mirror. Just "nope" and put em back in the box. Too bad. 
 agree 100%, hemmed and hawed over the Oakleys and ended up going with the colorway pictured. no reflective lens noise for me. I don't love their logo on the side but as far as Oakley goes, it is fairly subdued.... loved some OP's I used to have but couldn't stomach the pricetag and wanted the wayfarer shape. 
Good luck with the restaurant, Drew. Wish I had ends for a third jacket. I'll keep up via tumblr/insta.
not a fan of the RSFs, too squared off at the temple hinge, looks douche-y IMHO. i have a big head so I looked at a few wayfarer shapes. ended up with the oakley holbrook since theyre big enough but have a bit of wrap to the shape and a friend was able to hook me up   
smaller lens looks even smaller with the clear frame. its a tough one to pull off but I think they look great.
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