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i probably would
exactly my thoughts. We're taking down the old vent chimney as it frees up a corner in the kitchen and a bedroom and ditching the old water heater. It's just my wife and I at the moment but its a big house so with visitors or a big family, water usage could get pretty high. We'll have to put in either a tank-less or power vent and I'd like to pick the up and coming tech if it is becoming the standard
im seeing a little about that, i cant imagine its a great deal more than maintenance for regular water heaters but if it results in a longer product lifespan than it makes since to me...is it just a routine flushing, can anyone elaborate?
 tank style water heaters are $350-1000 with a lifespan of 12 years, tank-less are $800-1400 with a 20 year lifespan and energy cost savings of 30% or about $100/yr for a 2 person home, savings seem substantial enough for me. Price varies with volume for tank-style and output (gpm) for the tank-less. If your friend has 3 it's because he probably bought multiple lower priced units small outputs, 
Andrew Martin has some nice unique styles, the drake seems to fit your style but I think it may be closer to 3k The Lancelot is in your price range.
that is an intense promo
Pio, Generator is a beautiful thing to have in place when the need arises. Great idea.
has anybody made the switch to a tankless water heater recently. We'll be putting in a new one and moving to a tankless seems like a no-brainer as far as energy/cost savings and lifespan of the equipment. I know to get something with a proper GPM for my household but can anyone speak to a certain brand to purchase or avoid?
Drew, have the long coat styles for next year been firmed up? I did a quick search because I thought shawl collars had been discussed but it was more in regards to a varsity, not longer models. Mentioning bc I really liked this Havenshop shot of this Junya piece but it falls apart in the model shots and they threw some plaid noise on the back of the arms and curved the pockets. Could this idea be cleaned up?
Matt Damon wears toj in the motorcycle chase
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