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Just split the crotch in my CS-100s so I'll be sending those in to try and salvage them. They've been getting pretty continuous and tough wear as my work jeans since April of last year. I've got some 30BSPs for off hours but I'm curious if you have a fit of any other brand that's got the seat room of the CS-100 with a bit narrower leg opening. Thanks, Mike
OP O'Malleys - They don't work for everyone (self included) as well as those you already listed but I think they are a classic shape, amber is my top choice but the clear and tortoise look great, too. 
as I suspected, was planning on paying the small premium for what seems to be a well respected brand
anyone ever handled the navy suede bucks? they're sitting pretty cheap at $200, Sanders at End were next best price I could find at $240. Anyone know of a better option or better price to be had? 
I like the fly knit color but that silver midsole looks like a Payless purchase.
my eyes hurt
looking to pick up some new runners, leaning toward the pegasus 31, Any standing coupon deals I should chase down? 20% off roadrunnersports looks decent. 
ditto on the 30BSP love, any chance on a full indigo "120" style or olive or duck canvas?
i run wide sizes when possible, jack purcells are too damn narrow. Ive tried them on a few times and never even stand up to walk around or look in the mirror. Just "nope" and put em back in the box. Too bad. 
 agree 100%, hemmed and hawed over the Oakleys and ended up going with the colorway pictured. no reflective lens noise for me. I don't love their logo on the side but as far as Oakley goes, it is fairly subdued.... loved some OP's I used to have but couldn't stomach the pricetag and wanted the wayfarer shape. 
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