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Creamsicle and all white, im still going to go after the olives but they all look good  
I'll abstain from reading most Jezebel articles
who can snag me a pair when they go up at Nike Lab locations Oct 9?
Any of these 32BSPs going to make it to the web store or are they getting swooped up?
pretty sharp looking
i had to unload a grey herringbone/navy lined vest because it was too small.  I got on the email list for the restock of the Archival vest but would love to get the same thing I had in a size up. Subscribed to see where this goes.
That hype video was just a vomit of buzzwords. zero interest.
does anybody have the loden green flannel? I'd been thinking about getting the overdye olive oxford but those shirts just look like a wrinkled mess.
have they changed the dash system in the explorer? I spent a few hours in one that belonged to a friend for a ski trip. Pretty comfortable ride but the infotainment system was slow with touch response, and TBH a bit of a pain in the ass. maybe its a day or two learning curve with some of these new ,edia systems but i didnt like how the My Touch worked.
That sounds about right, I've got a bridge project that's going to run all winter so 21oz might be the ticket. I was planning on sending my CS-100s to NYC but had a quick look at the website and it said you are currently not accepting repairs by mail, Is that still the case?
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