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I feel like I've seen less and less of these. This makes sense.
we talking robocop SHO? I loved that thing as a kid.My brother is engineer-y to the point that his explanations end up making people feel stupid on a regular basis and his ignorance to their embarrassment makes him seem spectrum-y. Right on your wavelength.I hope that typo was intentional
Chevy makes appliances.
New Cadillac Escala flagship...a handsome update but seems a little late to the game. 
Maybe I'm being too picky for your budget brapcar, but black w/ silver accent wheels on a navy car seems pretty heinous...edit:though perhaps better than what it came with.
cost? I've got a wedding in the SF area this time next year
via Reddit, lolz https://www.reddit.com/r/Porsche/comments/4w3xr3/my_friends_vanity_plate_arrived_today/
Did you have to sign anything that said you wouldn't track the Camry?
I'd like to find a build thread for this thing "BMW Bavaria (1972) .... Running a V8 S62 with M5 six speed, 993 turbo brakes, trick suspension, one off magnesium BBS wheels."   https://www.instagram.com/p/BIa6CWbBA0p/?taken-by=icon4x4  
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