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I was off my Nike koppage til now. I've gotta pick these up
Whoa whoa whoa, not new, it's a 2009 26er I got for $900. Got it off some Canadian who rode it all of 10 times and spent ~$600 on updates. I couldn't pass it up as i'd been on an old Intense Uzzi my brother set up for me.
nice, just picked up an Top Fuel 9.8 last week, haven't even gotten out on 'er
Not quite as pretty as that
Gah, the worst! Friend of mine just picked up a wagoneer, great looking green beast. Any others on the radar?I can't keep my eyes off the older Cruisers like this guy
I could go for a burg righboutnow
i like this alot.
Did somebody already share this? I don't care, it's good enough to repost. It looks like Porsche had a good look at what was making Singer so successful and made the 911R in response.
those were all 19" in the pics but I know they make 18"s in a bunch of different colors. worth a look on the Audi and VW forum classifieds too. retail is $700-800 for the set...
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