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nice, just picked up an Top Fuel 9.8 last week, haven't even gotten out on 'er
Not quite as pretty as thathttps://instagram.com/p/BK0fTs3DRuJ/
Gah, the worst! Friend of mine just picked up a wagoneer, great looking green beast. Any others on the radar?I can't keep my eyes off the older Cruisers like this guy https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/680267354/overview/
I could go for a burg righboutnow
i like this alot.
Did somebody already share this? I don't care, it's good enough to repost. It looks like Porsche had a good look at what was making Singer so successful and made the 911R in response.
those were all 19" in the pics but I know they make 18"s in a bunch of different colors. worth a look on the Audi and VW forum classifieds too. retail is $700-800 for the set...
VMR V710 www.velocitymotoring.com/vmr-gallery/?search_wheel=226&search_size=&search_finish=&search_make=475&search_model=&search_color=&gallery_type=vmrVMR V708 (a stock look with more concave) http://www.velocitymotoring.com/vmr-gallery/?search_wheel=217VMR V721
Thanks for the link, they list a couple vendors I hadn't shopped. I know it's been gaining a footing with designers, it seems durable and obviously Pinterest as hell. I was just curious if the sealant needs to be reapplied often for a shower floor.
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