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Man, we start talking about "junk" cars and this thread got a hell of a lot more entertaining
New roadster built off the III platform?
out with it
Dat RX7 tho http://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/1430-dfw/1993-mazda-rx7
I picked up the green in the last round. It's not a color you see everyday. As my first Gustin shirt, I'm pretty happy about it.
@Al9146 you should link up with Jonathan Ward at Icon, apart from the bronco and FJ rehabs and the derelict collection, he's been scheming on some kind of deco/Howard Hughes/streamline concept for a few years...right up your alley.       http://www.icon4x4.com/concepts/gallery/3
Whats up Bruce Wayne?
This is why I don't frequent BaT. Somebody from r/4runner posted a link for a nice 1st gen and then I get looking at the rest of the cars up for auction and I end up drooling over some beauty like this...http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-mercedes-250sl/
I wouldnt kick her out of bedhttp://flatsixes.com/cars/for-sale-cars/don-davis-porsche-collection-rm-auction/
I don't have the knowledge to undertake such a resto, but hell if I wouldn't give it the old college try. just get it running and keep it like the the Four til Four guys'.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BHm9Cn7AhM-/?taken-by=fourtillfour
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