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ditto on the 30BSP love, any chance on a full indigo "120" style or olive or duck canvas?
i run wide sizes when possible, jack purcells are too damn narrow. Ive tried them on a few times and never even stand up to walk around or look in the mirror. Just "nope" and put em back in the box. Too bad. 
 agree 100%, hemmed and hawed over the Oakleys and ended up going with the colorway pictured. no reflective lens noise for me. I don't love their logo on the side but as far as Oakley goes, it is fairly subdued.... loved some OP's I used to have but couldn't stomach the pricetag and wanted the wayfarer shape. 
Good luck with the restaurant, Drew. Wish I had ends for a third jacket. I'll keep up via tumblr/insta.
not a fan of the RSFs, too squared off at the temple hinge, looks douche-y IMHO. i have a big head so I looked at a few wayfarer shapes. ended up with the oakley holbrook since theyre big enough but have a bit of wrap to the shape and a friend was able to hook me up   
smaller lens looks even smaller with the clear frame. its a tough one to pull off but I think they look great.
ive got bigger thighs and with that a big butt, I have had both, much prefer the 30bsp since the higher rise is more...accomodating
size? color?
I've got two jackets and would get a third if I had the spare loot, even given the wait times. The jackets are classic lasting pieces, not just instant gratification shopping. I'm sorry mcsmif feels that way, hope you're more than pleased with the product.
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