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Was leaning away from jets so thanks for validating the opinion. Looks sharp @chrisgold and the wand seems like a smart purchase.
we're renovating our attic as a master bed/bath, I wouldn't normally go for a dedicated bath but we've got a perfect space for a corner tub. Can anyone speak for or against certain brands? jetted, air or just soaker?
theyre changing their instore offerings to largely just slim fit. pretty turned off by them lately as I'm a 38x34, regular fit XL so online or nothing pretty much
sheeeeeiit, no XXL chambray work shirt restock coming. I checked the popular stockists I could think of but to no avail. Help a guy out if you find one out there
I've been on the hunt for a chambray. 3sixteen is typically my go-to but I have a weird need for button down collars and that raw work shirt just has all the right details. hopefully they will restock the 2x. thanks,Mike
I'm a pretty reliably XL in most brands -say GBV or Jcrew - thick would be a good adjective, shoulder and chest measurements are steering me for XXL raw chambray work shirt but alas none to be found. will these be restocked or should I try my hand at the one XL i found available?
DOVER STREET MARKET X NIKELAB FREE TR 5.0 V6 http://shop.doverstreetmarket.com/jp/sneaker-space/nike-jp
yeah, it does. The price isn't much better ($219 MSRP with some rebates for $25 out there) but the Nest just felt gimmicky to me. Plus, our thermo is in an out of the way spot so I wasnt sure how well the auto-away would even work for us. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Honeywell-Wi-Fi-Smart-Thermostat-RTH9580WF/203926327#product_description
I just bought the Honeywell Wifi enabled thermostat. not as sleek looking but a nice plain interface and love the app compatibility. 
fucking self-drivers
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