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Mine are from last year, waterproofing would require another layer to their construction
    I use them for after snowboarding because theyre just supremely comfortable. They shed a little water but are not waterproof. I learned the hard way stepping in a slush puddle...
I'm not one for highs or mids anymore but these pro steppers are pretty sharp.
Congrats on this, gents, the place looks incredible. Wife always did want to visit Cabo...
My 08 passat had a bunch little naggy things when I bought it, all covered by warranty but chain tensioner failed at 116k. new engine. no help from VW. I loved how it drove but never would I consider again without warranty.
I went true to size with the Dri Fit Touch and they fit well
I'd say size up on the tech fleece but give a try to the dri-fit touch pants. cheaper since there are fewer details, a little lighter and softer than the tech fleece. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/dri-fit-touch-fleece-training-pants/pid-10300194/pgid-1569460
why is he so angry today? haha
Can these lane assist and random sensors be turned off at some point in the cars later life without major drama?
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