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tail end reminds me of the RX-7, with a bit more heft  hahaha, that was quick! I was catching up with the thread this morning and was gonna ask if she had checked out the SQ5.  How are dudes still questioning Pio's rationale? I've driven an MB S, I've sat in the GLS, if comfort, space and driving dynamics are his top priorities, how can you question his choice?
If I were to shop a wrangler, I think I'd be hunting something like this
any chance of an olive suiting wool that would work?
Wool MA-1 available in the variety of wools for the chesterfield? More specifically the olive or cracked pepper or would that material not work?
My brother just picked up a 2012 s85 with 60k miles for $46k. The thing is in immaculate condition, even had some goofy wheel guards on it so they wouldn't get curbed.  Seller was asking $50k so he could get a new one with autopilot capabilities and my brother had been saving for his model 3 and saw this one sitting on Craigslist for a month or so. I think he got a damn good deal considering it had a $90k MSRP, obviously he thinks so, too.  edit: This picture is hilarious...
professional what?
Ramuroast over here. Sorry to you loss, man, hope the family's holding up.     I'm gonna have to agree that  5 series looks boring, but this coming from a guy that likes the 5 GT, so fuck me, right.   Tesla is eating up market share in the luxury sedan segment so I think it might have to be the new benchmark... personally, the A7 is the only car in that lineup...
so metal. I'd agree with the brushed metal wheels over the black and I'd drop some LED headlights but it would certainly be unique.
thing is kickass  also, spent all of 5 seconds on Hemmings and im cravign the wagoneer again
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