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No pink? What fun would that be? I think this commercial first drew my attention to Porsche.
Money does not buy taste.
I was looking at Turo for a trip out west next summer and got thinking about a Porsche rental, haven't tried it yet thoughand if we're shopping old Toyotas, i still want this thing
I prefer the older style anyhow
MB, they make an AMG E wagon, too, but that's not everybody's cup of tea.
I see an E63 in Piob's future
Absolutely, video because I like the "fork in the road between lap times and experience" metaphor and I can't help but go ogle this car when I think of it.. On a slightly more attainable note, I'm liking the new A/S5 sportback that's finally coming stateside 
Haha Piob: Hey guys, leasing makes a lot of sense for people. I just took a super car out for a ride, I may have stumbled upon a forever car! What do you think? Rest of CWD: *playing with toy cars on living room floor* @Piobaire, I've never been a huge fan of Corvettes other than the classics but that newest gen warmed me up a bit. Never driven anything with that kind of power so I can't even relate. TV, gotta have an Audi Quattro and 92 Celica rally cars and some gulf...
I'm going to have to get used to the new one...
@wakeim I've got the 8" Special Field boot for work (Site Construction) and they are really comfortable for everyday wear and I plan on trying them instead of my hiking boots next time I go out.
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