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http://instagram.com/p/wr6QVSEM6G/ The nikelab post for the ACG tech fleece pants. I like the tech fleece and these add a second butt pocket, which is nice, but the description is so overdone with buzz words and bullshit. Smh.
xl sold out. damn.
when the hell are they gonna release some olive drab tech fleece?
I've got a a Hill-side/gitman MTO long sleeve button down in this fabric, XL. Anybody interested? Havent worn it.
that's from the nikelab instagram.
why cant they just release some understated colors without it being some bullshit hyped release. 
 I was able to snag one of the navy MF N-1H Jackets from you guys a few years back. I'm a construction PM in Buffalo and regularly wear it for work in the worst of winter conditions. Love that jacket to death and it shows no signs of slowing down. Worth every penny IMHO.
Yellow is a pretty automatic nope.
shots on instagram had something like 10k people mirin, hype machine was really moving on those babies. alotta dudes with nothing to do with themselves but hit f5 all morning. self included. embarrassed I waited on it so hard
End had them up at midnight last night but I was annoyed with $35 additioanl plus a followup of $35 in customs from FedEx I paid on the FSBs. So i was all over it at 10am ET this morning, which they bugled and changed to 10am PT, Was all over it, f5ing it within seconds, they showed available but unable to load cart due to high traffic and then they were gone. gone like hotcakes.
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