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that navy walnut is classic
Any of you guys have pot fillers? FIL suggested it last minute when we renovated our kitchen and I'll be damned if it isnt a nice little amenity. Wife and I both use it all the time.
Stop "dat"
so filthy 
@lefty one last comment on Toyota then I'll give it a rest. I love this rear window they've got on the 4runners. It seems like a boring feature at first but it really opens the car up in the summer and i don't think any other SUVs have it. It's no topless wrangler but 5 windows and a sunroof can close up at the touch of a button in case of rain.     
damn, I want every one of those items.
the white roof is pretty horrid, however, they ditched it with the "Team Trail" editions and had some pretty great classic colors. It's still always looked a little...frumpy to me, but I'd be happy with any one of these four.
I just picked up an 08 4Runner limited. Not as handsome as those old boys but it with only 40k on the Odo, a reputation as very reliable and a nicely kept heated leather interior I think it should handle our winters and my jobsites without trouble for a long time
http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/toyota/land-cruiser/1720619.html Crazy high mileage at 281k at $17k but it is a looker
Might pick up a pair of these for work I've got Red Wings and Keens already but I'd like something a bit lighter
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