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I'm never a fan of silver but that color was just perfect
Pretty damn handsome IMHO
http://imgur.com/a/R5rUc A few more shots. Rear column and taillight are masked but it appears the sedan and wagon will have a rear end like the Macan. Very close to the Sport Turismo concept save for the branding strip that they used on 718.
Porsche Panamera wagon test mule spied. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/02/porsche-is-building-a-station-wagon.html
I took my time looking over size charts this afternoon from jcrew, Gustin and Taylor Stitch and ended up gong with an XXL so you're advice validates the choice and I appreciate your post. Thanks very much,Mike
Exactly my thoughts. Is the consensus to size up in shirting? I'm definitely not going for slim. I'm pretty exclusively XL in Gitman, J Crew.
it may come to that.
I'll bet it s a blast to drive but the styling is rather bland. Don't think I'd spend $54k on it.
http://petrolicious.com/what-do-you-think-of-porsche-s-new-718-boxster New promo pics and video for the 718
Exactly, a friend had the GLK and I couldnt get comfortable in the front passenger seat as my knees were in the dash but apparently they've made it longer. I was curious if anyone had given it a test drive. Looks to sit somewhere between the Q5 and X1 now.
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