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    So her's my well worn shoe setup. What kind of shoe would you recommend to when I want to extend "collection". I'm working in a casual enviorment, wearing (nice) jeans, cotton pant's and shirts to work. I'll wear a suit perhaps two/three times a month..    I'm tempted to get a pair of single Monk Straps, brown or Burgundy.  I'm living in Scandinavia, with a short summer and long autumn/winter. So the season for nice shoes is limited. (Off course there...
Hi !   Thank's for the feedback . It's constructive and I see your point's, particular about the contrast stiching. It is something that I'm still not 100 % comfortable about, but I got the trousers at an affordable price so i feel I can test it out wihtout. More difficult when it comes to the jacket, I did try one a smaller size and was pretty close to buy that one, but I felt restricted particular around the shoulder area and the sleeves felt to short. Anyway...
Ok, here are a new picture. Still not top quality, hope you can tell some more from it. It's my first effort on this so be contructive and honest :) (I can find the tripod and be back with better pictures some other time, if difficult to judge).   thanks for your time.      
         Hello !   Intend to wear the red pant's and jacket to work (casual type of business). I'm happy with how the jacket and pants work. Looking for feedback on what kind of shirt I should wear. Which one work better ? During the day I sometimes takes off the jacket, and go in just the shirt. If you have any other shirt combo, on the top of your head, you are welcome to throw them in.   (For some reason the jacket appear to be on the bigger side in...
  Great, I will. Thanks.
          Glasses to large ?
Thanks. Ill xheck them out.
  Thanks, I was thinking less than usd 50,-, (usd 20,- -40,-  range). As alway Im flexible if I stumble over someting speeks to me.   I'll chekc out Parabellum.
Recommend me a wristband/bracelet.   Looking for something affordable for the summer. Black, silicon or leather, with steel details. Something conservative enough to be worn at work in a casual office enviorment. Looked at the bay and amazon, tons of stuff, nothing really speaks to me. I have a thin wrist so around 7-7 1/2 inches   Thanks
You are a wise man. Agree with what you write.
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