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I say ditch the black and when you need another suit get a navy one.
Like Vinny said, it would depend on how often you need to wear suits. If you rarely use it what's the point in getting a new one. You can probably live on one navy suit if you don't really wear one for work or other events.
I do wear gingham for casual wear sometimes, mine is a worn out light brown gingham.
The knitted silk tie is what is common.
Interviews are tricky! But no matter what, always dress well. First impressions still hold true. A subtle classic fit navy suit should do
That never happened to me before - at least not yet - but the chemical or solvent they used might be the culprit.
I'm not exactly skinny at 6'2" but I make sure not to wear too loose or too skinny clothes, my suits have always been tapered and 've never really been a fan of the skinny revolution.
Whenecer I order suits I specifically add minimal padding because I'm 6'2" with broad enough shoulders to begin with and I don't want to look like a football player in my suit.
Try on some JosBank or Ctshirts.
Black shoes hands down and dark socks.
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