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Love those!! Sucks bigtime that i need at least an inseam of 36.... Don't expect those to be so long. Any1 over here has any idea what brands have inseam 36 chino's (except for Dockers?)?  
Selling a Stephan Schneider scarf 100% linen Worn just a handful of times     Measurements: 75 x 12" (190 x 30 cm)   Price: 60 50 dollars Price does not include shipment from the Netherlands, PM me for a quote.
some1 buy this amalgram sweater at pede & stoffer.... 50% off sizes S, L and XL are left -> Link   also another indigo melange amalgram cardigan left @ 50% off... only XL though -> Link   sucks im a size M :((
Some1 pick these up, 50% off at american rag....    $ 340,- http://www.amrag.com/shopping/sale/men/item10146813.aspx (sz. 3)     $ 290,- http://www.amrag.com/shopping/sale/men/item10146812.aspx (sz. 3 and 4)
ok ill try it over here... i need a pair of chinos in W34-36/L38, any ideas on where i might find those?
any1 who can help me out?
no seriously, why is this still for sale?   i own this jacket and it's amazing... lots of different ways to wear it and the color is AMAZING.... ive had it for almost a month now and gotten tons of compliments!   buy this!!!!
loving the color, nice price aswell! would have copped if i didnt buy an olde green one from mr porter  
Guess not, since for me it says all sizes are still available. I just check out their SNS that's on sale and look for available sizes, so nothing strange there.    I would have got it myself if I didn't spend way too much this FW already.... And I myself would prefer a black melange.   
i normally wear it like that as well, top 2 buttons and bottom button opened... looks great!  
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