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some1 buy this amalgram sweater at pede & stoffer.... 50% off sizes S, L and XL are left -> Link   also another indigo melange amalgram cardigan left @ 50% off... only XL though -> Link   sucks im a size M :((
Some1 pick these up, 50% off at american rag....    $ 340,- (sz. 3)     $ 290,- (sz. 3 and 4)
ok ill try it over here... i need a pair of chinos in W34-36/L38, any ideas on where i might find those?
any1 who can help me out?
no seriously, why is this still for sale?   i own this jacket and it's amazing... lots of different ways to wear it and the color is AMAZING.... ive had it for almost a month now and gotten tons of compliments!   buy this!!!!
loving the color, nice price aswell! would have copped if i didnt buy an olde green one from mr porter  
Guess not, since for me it says all sizes are still available. I just check out their SNS that's on sale and look for available sizes, so nothing strange there.    I would have got it myself if I didn't spend way too much this FW already.... And I myself would prefer a black melange.   
i normally wear it like that as well, top 2 buttons and bottom button opened... looks great!  
mine arrived last week.... fits perfectly! really excited about it... and ur right about the color, it's even better in person than on the website!    btw black stark is for sale at 850 dkk over there (147 dollars for all you americans, including VAT, excluding shipping though)... all sizes are available:
wow.... and i thought ive had some bad experiences with online stores... this beats all of that...   which SS jacket was it? double alpaca?
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