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Took another $ 10,- off....
  Loving the jacket, what is it?  
    what season is this? and where did you buy it?
Some info on the latest Common Project Rec Shoe: http://www.parkandbond.com/the-intersection/features/anatomy-common-projects    
Stephan Schneider ultra lightweight summer jacket 72% cotton, 28% nylon
    Nice jacket.... Missed that one completely, can't find it in the lookbook either? I always thought I was a size V in jackets, got the alpaca and an other winter jacket in that size. Two of my summer jackets are size VI though.  That's why I'm never buying SS again without asking for measurements beforehand.   Bought way too many stuff already though, so gonna have to pass on this.
Selling a Stephan Schneider Checks shirt in size 3. 100% cotton brand new without tags     Measurements: Pit 2 Pit: 18,5" (47 cm) Shoulder 2 Shoulder: 16,5" (42 cm) Shoulder 2 Sleeve: 25,5" (65 cm) Length: 27,5" (70 cm) Neck: 15" (38 cm)   Price: 160 / 140 / 130 / 120 / 100 90 dollars   Price does not include shipment from the Netherlands, PM me for a quote.
A lot of people were scared off by the shipping costs from the Netherlands to the US.   That's why I'm offering it for 180 dollars including shipping costs.
Some more fit pics:
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