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    thanks... maybe it's not for me... it's tagged as a size V btw
16oz canvas bag w/ leather straps - royal republiq
my 2nd attempt at a fitpic...   in particular wondering what you guys think about the jeans... picked them up for 30 euros for over a year ago now... havent worn them a lot since then...       [[SPOILER]]   StephanSchneider Nudie CP
who makes this?
creatures of comfort has 30% off
Check it out over here (not allowed to use the pictures over here). Kinda disappointing compared to last F/W's iteration IMO.
Think these are from S/S 2011... Don't know 100% sure though, maybe some1 can confirm this.
Any cheaper alternatives that fit likewise (and that are in a fabric that's comparable to viscose) to American Apparel Viscose Sexuali-Tanks? (link) Don't really feel like paying 26 euro's for an American Apparel tank top.   Already made a post for this in ask a question, get an answer... No reply yet though :(. 
The suede ones look pretty cool.... I personally liked the leather ones more though.   vs.     Anyway, this thread has been kinda silent knowing that the mr. porter sale is going on. Any1 already jumped on 30% off CPs? I'm kinda interested in standard Achilles Low's in Black so if any1 sees those on sale, give me a heads up :) (edit: size 46 btw). 
Ok, so I own a lot of American Apparel Tees... Mostly Loose Summer crews and Standard Tees. But the T-shirts I've been wearing a lot recently are the Viscose Sexuali-Tees (link). They kinda expensive for what you get though (as is with everything at AA) and the fact that almost all of those T-shirts get tiny little holes in them easily doesn't add up either (I'm thinking maybe it's just the Viscose fabric though).    Anyway... Now with the summer coming up I would...
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