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Selling a Stephan Schneider light grey summer jacket in size 5. 100% cotton Like new, only worn a handful of times.   Measurements: Pit 2 Pit: 22,5" (57 cm) Shoulder 2 Shoulder: 19,5" (49 cm) Shoulder 2 Sleeve: 27,5" (70 cm) Length: 28,5" (73 cm)   Price: 250 / 240 / 230 / 220 / 210 / 200 / 190 / 180 / 170 160 dollars including worldwide shipment from the Netherlands
thanks for the reply, sent him an email :)
I'm very interested in some of the items from your website... I have 2 problems though :(: 1. I live in the Netherlands, don't know if you can ship items to my place and how much the shipment costs would be (approximately); 2. I don't own a credit card, just PayPal. (edit: I could get a friend to pay for me with his credit card, but ideally I would pay myself).   Keeping these 2 problems in mind: is there a way for me to order items from your store? 
Hi guys,   Kinda new to this forum; I'm 6'6 and got 33/36 on washed nudies (so no dry ones) and they fit me perfectly: GrimT,SlimJ and ThinnF. I'm now thinking of buying a pair of dry jeans, but that ain't gonna work with nudies since they only go to inseam 36.   Don't really know what brand and size to take, i guess 33/38? But it would be even beter if I got an inseam of 39/40 or something.   Since I'm a student I don't wanna pay too much for jeans, else I...
hmmm guess the sale is US only :((((
well people have been saying a lot of cps are on sale... i cant see even 1 pair... :S
i know im probably just blind, but can some1 tell me how to access the sale items at thecorner? been messing around for 15 mins now... just aint working for me
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