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How to size rick owens pants? I'm a 33/34 waist, would I need a size L?
This Sunspel hoodie on Boylston would be one of your best options: amazing fabric....   And with the code: sufufam15 you're getting an additional 15% off.
Might as well use this double-post for a quick question.... What's the best way to get denim stains off of those CPs? I heard regular toothpaste? Don't wanna screw up the leather though.
nice little pic of my first pair of CPs (5-hole) shining on the beach yesterday... 
price dropped..
 How's this gonna work in rainy/snowy weather?
Bought these after seeing the detailed pics of the white ones... Definitely no CP quality, but pretty decent for 100 euros including shipping. This picture of the leather on the high tops really had me on the fence though... Leather just terrible over there IMO.   [[SPOILER]]
From my personal experiences (T-shirts though) I'd say Sunspel.... Comfy as fuck.
Think this is the black version of the coat:
Great pics indeed... Loving some of the shirts and knits, but think I love this coat most.... In need for a long coat for the winter.
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