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Selling Common Projects Patent Blue BBall High Tops in size 45. Excellent condition. Hardly any wear.       Size: 45 Comes with box (decent condition) and shoe bag   Price: 180 160 dollars   Price does not include shipment from the Netherlands, PM me for a quote.
Wanted to order the snap backpack in khaki green today, but noticed they are out of stock. Will be in the US for 2 more weeks: any idea if they will be restocked any time soon?   Thanks!
I wear 46 in CP Vintage Achilles, CP 5hole and Svensson's. but my Bball highs are a size 45. the outersole on the Bball highs is the same (32 cm) as my Vintage Achilles. So I'd say they fit bigger; they are kinda narrow though.
last pricedrop for this season!   going on holiday for 2 months next tuesday... 
Might as well edit this post... all shops of my bookmarks have been called out already.   Anyway, went to Antwerp last week and paid a visit to the SS store... Saw some cool pieces on sale (e.g. coat from pic #15 on the lookbook). So you should definitely e-mail them as well!
seriously.... some1 buy this already?
another pricedrop!
website down again? sigh.... 
what about this? 
where to kop the shorts?
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