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My frans boone cigar shell plain toe boot got hit for $120 UPS fee. That hurt on top of international shipping and at that time a weak dollar against the euro.
 I have had the cigar version indy for several years and thought I didn't need the #8 version. Just picked up the #8 indy and damn I can't believe I held out all this time. They are both seriously awesome.
Yes, 10D on size. Its Alden's standard size offering.
SOLD alden ravello captoe boot. This was a special makeup for unionmade with barrie last, antique edge, speedhooks, and commando sole. I have had these for a couple years and just don't wear them enough, maybe once a month during boot season. Excellent condition first quality. I can provide better pictures if needed. $600 via paypal and I will ship for free. Thanks
So what's up with these? I never got a response to my pm.
 thanks for the heads up Watchman1. halfnhalfnhalf and I were able to work out a deal.
As stated, looking for a new or nearly new pair of alden cordovan indy boots color #8 size 9.5 (D or E). Commando preferred. Will pay reasonable price.
I have boxes and bags that are of no use to me. Unfortunately due to the bulky nature of them shipping would probably still run $12-15.
Hehehe, great minds think alike. I can't speak to the Walt trousers you mention but I have on some 18 oz. Zimbabwe denim on today and it pairs very well.
I'm wearing mine now, they are about two years old. They are up there with cigar indys on my list of most frequently worn boots. I have nicer stuff like ravello, but I'm always grabbing for the AF53.
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