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Steve, I agree with you. Ebay is ebay people sell stuff there to make money, there is no reason to be critical of that.
 FYI the seconds in cigar, revallo, and whiskey are now $499. So total cost with shipping is $509.
Here are a few pictures of my ravello loot from the recent TSM irregular list. The shade overall is more inline with the old cigar shade. Seems like a recent trend I guess. The only irregularity I can find is a slightly darker spot on the vamp of the left shoe, otherwise they are pretty much free of flaws. I'm guessing this is from the recent Alden DC run of ravello longwings??? Dark edge trim with double waterlock sole?          
 Your chambray appears kind of a black/grey color, is that accurate? Maybe my PC is distorting the color...
gustin large is similar in fit to the jcrew large slim fit.
Hill, They aren't going to take your shoes.
 its just like any other pair of shoes (or flip flops), you take them off put into plastic tray with your computer/phone and send through the scanner
Any guess what a FD-97507 might be?? Ravello, barrie, and the size is right for me.
 yea, I'd like to see a ravello ptb, dover pattern just like the one unionmade just did in #8. That would be sick!
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