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looks like the 9.5E ravello chukka is back in play at TSM. I'm guessing there are about 20 people on hold trying to get it though. Not much else to talk about in the 9.5 - 10 range
So these are unlined??
Cheers to that, see my avatar! I have three daughters though so options are limited....
ravello size 9 D available!!   http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-9-eyelet-wing-tip-boot-shell-cordovan-color-8/pvc-ald-mxsbd-4461h_ald_m_9_eyelet_wing_tip_boot_shell_cordovan.html
I can't believe you guys are spending your time analyzing product images like that. Life is too short!
new pair of shell cordovan saddles on ebay for $499. Not my listing and generally not a style that I would ever wear but I'd think these are right for someone here.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Alden-x-Leffot-Saddle-Shoe-in-Horween-Shell-Cordovan-size-10D-US-/161437042934?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item259665c8f6
 they both look great, congrats!
Yes, they are on the barrie last
I'd like to see a blueXblack in the 15-18 oz range too.
 I found a 9.5E in the C&J for RL PTB. The fit is great although the shoe is definitely shorter and narrower than my alden 990 in 9.5E. I believe I saw a 9.5E marlow on ebay not too long ago.
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