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 It should be interesting. Personally not something that I would be interested at any price, but a "grail" for some.
  I don't ask my wife if she likes my footwear or not, I just get what I like and roll with it. Conversely she doesn't ask me what I think of hers. This scenario works well for us. I like to think of this way.....as a woman she is not an expert on men's footwear and similarly being a man, I'm no expert on women's footwear.
 +1 take the 20%
Place by my office is $15, other place by my house is $10. Not chain stitch, just your basic hem.
 That is a cool makeup, I agree $575 is kind of difficult to swallow though.
Those look amazing, i need a pair just like em.
I culled down to 4 and 4, it's totally do-able.
I haven't posted a picture in quite a while. My old trusty cigar indy's and a newer pair of heavyweight (26 oz) denim from the folks at Gustin.   https://www.weargustin.com/store/584  
 no this is not odd, my best size in barrie is 9.5E. I can comfortably wear a 9.5D or 10D on the trubalance. Any E width on the trubalance is too wide for me. A captoe shoe or boot will feel more narrow/tight in the toe area compared to almost any other style available, I believe because of the added/extra piece of material on the toe and added stitching on toe.
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