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Alden Cordovan Classics Re-stock.      
Thank you, NAMOR!
We have new Alden x Unipair make-ups available now! If you have any question, just let me know.     Style: V-tip blucher Last : Barrie Upper: Shell Cordovan Color: Black / #8 Outsole: Single water loc sole Size: US 6 ~ 10.5 D               Style: Saddle shoe Last : Barrie Upper: Suede + Nubuck Color: Ivory + Cream Outsole: Single water loc (Flex welt) Size: US 5.5 ~ 10.5 D               Style: Long wing...
  We have new Alden make-up arrivals! From above left (clock wise), Tan suede Ranger Moc. (Van last) / Brown Alpine Grain PCT Blucher (Barrie last) / Snuff suede Tassel Moc. (Aberdeen last) / Snuff suede Long Wing Blucher w/ Crepe sole (Barrie last) More pictures will be posted soon.
Alden 4 Eye Suede Dovers - Just arrived!!!   Unlined. Barrie last. Single water loc sole with flex welt.   Tan / Snuff / Humus   Perfect spring shoes.  
We are based in Seoul, South Korea.  We deduct 10% Korean VAT from all listed prices.  If there is a particular model you are interested in we will try our best to make it work for you.  We are also offering free international shipping at this time.  Pictures will be coming soon!  We appreciate all feedback from Styleforum members.
We will be posting more Edward Green pictures in the EG appreciation thread soon! 
Hello Styleforum members!  We at Unipair have great respect and appreciation for Edward Green.  We currently have 38 models for you to choose from.  You can visit our official affiliate thread or check our website   We will be posting pictures soon and if you have any questions about our stock I will be more than happy to answer them.  We feel Edward Green shoes are some of the best a man can wear and are proud to have them in our shop.
If any of you gentlemen need additional picutures of our shoes please let us know and we will be happy to post them.  We would like to hear from Styleforum members about any MTO projects that you are interested in!
Thank you sir and we at Unipair wish you all the best with your shop!
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