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Yeah those look cool. I'd like to see some service boots in that. Just got my Crazy Horse Service boots. Fit and feel great in my actual foot size measurement (11). Want to get some leather laces for them.
Update : Christmas is probably coming a few days late this year. Hopefully i dont get a lump of coal. My pair from Dayton are on the way. 87 days (12+ weeks) from order date to shipping confirmation. Just to give an idea of some of the current wait times.
Yeah I was gonna say thats a good post from him. Buttery scotchy even.
If you arent aren't going to layer, then you dont need heattech.
Tried to give Uniqlo money a couple times yesterday, and they wouldnt take it. Kept getting the "error server unavailable" thing at checkout. Anyone else get that now, or gotten before?
Cool. Thanks for the invite. I'm in.
Thanks. I'm a noob. Never had to do that before. Did it, and it worked for me now too!
I did. And I still got the " We're in the process.." line of BS. I want to see their community forum. So quit your whining of my whining until you know what's really going on.
Anyone know how to access their full desktop site from the mobile site. The mobile site is one of the worst I've seen. In the past I could get to the full site on my phone without being redirected to m.uniqlo. Now, no such luck.
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