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Did it sell or did he just end the auction because he was overwhelmed with offers from forumites looking to yank his chain? It states "listing ended" not "sold" so I think he just ended it or it ended without a "winner." No way someone paid $10K for barbecue sauce that is so old it is likely unusable.
I am pretty sure JL Bespoke would have been able to have matched the toe medallions? With the completely different medallions it seems obvious the original owner had two pair of very similar shoes made and however it is that this guy ended up with the one pair it is not a matched pair. It is really too bad because these are amazing shoes and to have both matched pairs would have been a real treasure.
The latest project for my pops: Edward Green for Asprey Boots. Will be re-crafted and get some additional sole treatments that I am not aware of yet.
As it turns out, several of my dads past really good customers happen to be the same size as these shoes and also have a pre-disposition toward exotic and rare items/shoes, so he agreed to email them directly for me and offer them the shoes. One in particular has purchased most of his rarest items in the past so there is a better than 50/50 chance he will want these. I was doing some computer programming for extra cash, but once school actually started time became a bit...
This really sucks! The first month of school is really a bitch because I don't get any of my financing (GI Bill) until October and I have to eat now! I am 25 years old and have not asked my parents for help since I was 17 and I'm not starting now. My dad gave me these shoes and said if I could sell them the money is all mine and I can't sell them? They weren't endangered at the time they were made for crying out loud! They are amazing shoes!
The seller doesn't know anything about the sizing on these? Does anyone here know what US size these would be? Quite the nice pair of shoes!
Not sure about the lightly used? No pictures of the soles and those vamps look badly creased. Either no shoe trees were ever used, which would boggle the mind on such expensive shoes, or they have been worn much more than advertised.
I wonder how on earth my dad picked these up then? If I go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas I will have to remember to bring this up.
So, apparently, you can't list loggerhead turtle shoes on Ebay. What other venues, aside from Craigs List, are out there that do allow vintage turtle shoes?
Why is it that every covert coat I am interested in is always limited to the UK for shipping?
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