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Okay, wow!
Yeah, I remember when it was posted a few pages back and then someone placed a bid. Just stupid. When something is a good price then you jump on it, you don't try to get it for free!
Okay, my bad. I did not know people do that.
The last photo shows an entirely different shoe? One is a plain cap-toe while the last shows a medallion toe, no cap?
If shell cordovan then an amazing deal! I do see some small creases at the edge of the folds in the third photo? Any shell experts with an opinion?
As a huge fan of the covert coat, this is an amazing deal! Maybe it is because I was in the Marines and I like that "uniform" look of my dress blues, but the look of the covert coat has that "look" to it that is just so cool. Someone needs to kop this.And speaking of covert coats, I found this one yesterday that is made of cashmere, which is not the usual covert coat material, but is quite nice. Not a big fan of the flap closure chest pocket, but all of the other...
It's closer to 70%. And I only post pictures of shoes I think everyone would be interested in and I never post links to or even mention his auctions.
I talked to my pops about this because it really pissed me off. He says it is "avoidance of Ebay fees" because he essentially had a reserve without paying the reserve listing fee. He should be reported by the person who won the boots and then was denied them. Just say'n, it sucks!
How do these sell with 47 bids and then get instantly re-listed by the same seller at a much higher price? There was no reserve? Did he just refuse to sell to the high bidder? Can you actually do that?
Okay, I stand corrected, apparently, there is someone dumb enough to buy 20-year-old barbecue sauce that will give you food poisoning if you try and eat it!
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