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Great buy and so many uses. My pops uses one for his loose stamps and another for extra cash that he keeps in his coat chest pocket rather than his wallet. He gave one to my mom for her coupons that she takes to the store. There really are so many uses for them if you think outside the box that passing on it at that price made no sense.
Okay, so I was feeling pretty stupid about not realizing that seal skin shoes would not have hair all over them until these were posted!
Okay, I feel sufficiently stupid now.
Aren't seals furry? I was thinking elephant?
A good photo of the soles, especially the heels, would be definitive. The 888 does make one believe Edward Green, but without the heel nail pattern, still tough to say.
Okay, whoever got that is now guilty of felony robbery! Are you kidding me? What a deal!
I realize this photo is not a lot to go on, but someone will recognize the writing. This partial name is on the insole of a pair of exotic leather shoes, hand made in Italy, and done to an extremely high standard based on features such as a bevelled waist. The last three letters appear to be "nni" and so I thought "Magnanni" but their exotics, maybe all of their shoes, are made in Spain and these are clearly made in Italy. Also, the lettering is gold. I guess I should...
It looks like a reasonably easy flip excepting the rather wide size? I say go for it!
When you look at the photo now it is rather obvious that the buttons are on the wrong side, but if you are not looking for it, if you believe it is a men's jacket, then it is easy to miss.
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