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27.5 inch inseam and 23.5 inch sleeves. But, more than that, what on earth does this mean: "YOU MAY OR MAY NOT WANT IT TO BE DRY CLEANED." After looking at that crotch, I would want to have the entire lining ripped out!
great price for atolini cashmere jacket is one thing to buy an item, fix it up, then flip it. It is an entirely other thing to buy an item that is damaged, take better pictures of the damage, and ask more than double...
That Kiton is just stunning! If that coat is not gone by the time I wake up tomorrow then there is no hope for the world's economic woes! Come on!
I certainly don't have the experience of others here yet, but if what I have learned is correct then the heel pattern and that "M 9" writing inside are dead giveaways that these are NOT CJ, although I cannot remember which makers those things designate. I am sure those with more knowledge than I will chime in shortly.
Those are pretty expensive at retail so seems like a sweet deal for someone who needs one.
I saw it and thought it was amazing, but sadly since I left the Marines Corps I am no longer a 38. I used to drink protein shakes and other high calorie drinks to try and get bigger and nada, now, the weight stays on and I didn't think that would happen until my 30's! Anyway, a really nice coat that could have easily been re-weaved to correct those few flaws.
Maybe it is just me, but if you are going to ask $3900 for something, even a stunning cashmere Kiton suit, I just think the pictures should leave no doubt about the "must have" aspect to it. These photos really leave me going "huh?"
Thanks for the heads-up! My pops had an almost identical suit to this that a local tailor destroyed (shortened the length by 2 inches too much AND cut away the excess material so it could not be fixed!). This will, hopefully, make an inexpensive Xmas present, unless it goes too high for me!
I sure hope you're right. My dad bought some Edward Green samples and wanted watch bands to match the shoes and he worked out a price with Hughes that he was happy with and sent him two of the samples to make approximately 20 bands. He communicated regularly leading up to the deal but now has not responded to multiple messages for an update. He cannot really "move on" as JubeiSpiegel did because Hughes has his leather. In any event, Hughes seems to be a great guy, does...
I am glad I found this thread. My dad sent him some Edward Green leather samples to make some watch bands a while back and has not been able to get in touch with him for a few months now? Does anyone know what is going on with Hughes? Is he away? His website is still active. I am the one who recommended him to my dad based on reviews I had seen here so I really don't want anything to go wrong. If anyone has any contact with Hughes could you see what the deal is? ...
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