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I think this falls under desiderata: desired or needed things.
NOOOOOOOOOOO! That watch is his baby. He has two movements identical to the one you see just to have spare parts to fix this watch. He loves this watch. That's why he bought the Metta strap from Micah. He spent years looking for the matching 18K Rose Gold buckle on the strap. The only way he sells that watch is if he replaces it with a 1959 18K Vacheron & Constantin Triple date moonphase, his GRAIL! He talks about finding the perfect one all the time. It is an...
So getting ready to hit the road and thought I would pass on this site that my dad used to have a watch band made for one of his watches, a vintage 18K Rose Gold Suisse Chronographe. I think this guy "might" be a Style Forum member, Micah Dirksen, but I am not sure? He wanted that 200 year old Russian Reindeer from the Fraumetta Catharina, which he thought would look amazing on his watch. I have to agree. Anyway, the website can be found...
He has responded to and posted a question. The shoes are a 10.5/11E so they are a UK 10.5 and a US 11D.
Not a big fan of the color, but if the rest of the shoe is of Brioni quality then it would seem a good investment at that price for someone willing to change the color? Maybe?
I know ostrich is an exotic leather and all, and the boots themselves are quite nice, but when I see ostrich leather I see a teenage zit-filled face. I also think these are derbies, not balmorals?
^^^^^^Look at the toe area nail pattern on these Lattanzis. Identical to the Jil Sander.
Ebay Policy overviewMost weapons can't be listed on eBay because of strict federal and state government regulations and international laws banning the sale of these items. Please review the list of items below to find out what you can and can't sell on eBay.For certain types of weapons that can be listed, sellers have to follow our guidelines, as well as meet the following requirements:The item is listed only on the eBay US site.The seller is located in the USThe item is...
I have not heard of "Mark Cross." Is he an American designer? Why is this such a good deal? I am not trying to be a jerk about it, I have just never heard of this brand.On another note. I am trying to find an antique cane sword for my dad for Christmas. He already has to use a cane anyway and I know he wants one. It really needs to be antique, with silver or gold on it, maybe some bone or ivory. Probably ebony for the wood. He is pretty particular about these...
Thanks! Just kopped! My "little" brother might be the one person these measurements will work for as he has a huge chest and shoulders, but very short arms. He also wears sport coats to church on Sundays so this is something he can use and fits into my wee college budget for Christmas.
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