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Wow! The sole/heel job was so bad I did not think to look at the rest. How on earth does she justify the statement "VERY LITTLE SIGN OF WEAR." The left shoe, right in the photo, is especially bad. That is significant signs of wear, just the opposite of what is being stated. That said, that could probably be made to look okay and still be worth wearing. In the end, that re-sole/heel job is just too much.
Why would anyone with enough taste to buy Silvano Lattanzi shoes in the first place be stupid enough to take them to an ordinary cobbler and commit that crime against craftsmanship? The soles and heels would have to be taken off, immediately, and then hope that the cobbler who attached those products to those shoes did not ruin them beyond repair! That is sad!
Gotta read the entire description: "Happy to post abroad." It seems he does post anywhere, just ask. And yes, they are definitely bespoke, made by the original John Lobb on St. James Street.
+1000! I have been fortunate enough to have seen and held 6 rare pair of Silvano Lattanzi shoes and that pair is not even close!
Duplicate deleted.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Actually, the boots featured in the auction are by Silvano Lattanzi. EG made the same "City Polo Boot" (presumably an Asprey design) a season of two earlier in a burgundy pull-up leather (it was supposed to be shell cordovan, then this proved too expensive) and with a double leather sole Lattanzi's version in tan with a Vibram sole came the next year. (I think, the SL version was a bit higher than the EG). Here are the EG and...
If they don't work out for your dad let me know as those are the rare size 10EE that fit my dad!
Whoever won the 10.5's, if they don't work for you drop me a line as I will take them! I don't know how I missed this! That's what I get for spending all of my time on Cool Shoes thread only.
Strange auction. It shows a suit, not sport coat, and no gold buttons, but seller claims it is only a sport coat and does have gold buttons? A lot of money to pay on such confusing information.
Not sure how to leave feedback for an item so I am just going to hit reply and leave it that way. If someone can tell me how on earth I am supposed to leave feedback that would be helpful because I have already spent close to an hour on this and am too stupid to figure it out. Thanks. Got the suit for my dad for Christmas and he loves it. I think he is taking it to his tailor today to get alterations so that it will fit him perfectly. The item was far better than his...
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