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I was looking at the photos used in your auction, especially the first five or six? Either you take GREAT photos or those are the stores stock photos? If that is the case that might explain why your listing was removed? Those photos are copyrighted, too. Just a thought since it otherwise makes no sense, not that anything on Ebay does.
Interesting, whereas I always thought that when a man takes action based on his principles that makes him "principled."
No, but the Postal Service will! $2300 insurance? That is grand theft! This is not a small matter to the Postal Inspectors. They will relish the idea of getting this guy. It is what they live for. This is way beyond Paypal. You want the Postal Inspectors after this guy. The bottom line is someone owns that PO Box. The Inspectors will know who. Someone receives parcels at this box. The Inspectors will know who after talking to the PO Box clerk. Someone signed...
Any parcel insured for more than $200 (this was a $2300 purchase, no?) automatically gets signed for. No signature confirmation is needed. The USPS does not want to pay out on a $2300 claim so they absolutely require a signature at the time of delivery, if insured for more than $200. The USPS has records showing who owns that PO Box. This does not seem very complicated to me.
It sounds like the guy is claiming someone hacked into his account and paid for an item that he did not buy, had it shipped to a PO Box that is not his? The Postal Inspectors will be able to determine who owns the box and who receives packages at that box. They will be able to determine who signed for and received the item. Whoever got the item would have had to have gone to the USPS window services area with a slip from the box and they would have retrieved it for that...
You sent that through the US Postal Service, Insured, to a PO Box? Open a damned complaint with the US Postal Inspectors Office. They will be able to determine exactly who got that item. More than $200 and insured? It was signed for by someone! They will know who signed for it. If it was him or someone who knows him you have got him, or better, the Postal Inspectors have got him. File the complaint! This is a slam dunk.
If sent to a PO Box then you used the US Postal Service, right? File a mail fraud complaint with the US Postal Inspection Office and let him (the buyer) know that is exactly what you intend to do. Mail fraud is a federal offense which, if he really is a lawyer, he will understand. He will also understand that he will be disbarred if found guilty. I would also try and locate the law firm he works for and notify them of your mail fraud complaint. I would also tell him...
Not for me and I use Google Chrome, too.
That site is amazing! I don't know if they can do anything for your shoes, but if anyone can it sure looks like they are the ones! Some of those shoes look nothing short of miraculous! I know my pops has been hanging on to a pair of alligator Brioni shoes with a few issues, although not as bad as those Lobbs, and I am going to email him about the Dandy Shoe Care place right now! Thanks for sharing that.
PM sent on Alden Bootmaker Edition BLACK shell cordovan cap toe boot 10E.
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