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ordered size large. athletic build.
yes, except i got them in singles.   the shirt i hang dried turned out fine but i don't like the fit. too baggy around the waist.
tee shrunk a lot with a cold wash and hot dryer rendering it unwearable. waiting to see the results of the hang dried version.
 last year's linen shirts were way too big. keeping me from trying them this year until i hear otherwise.
waiting to see what kind of polos they release this year...
 have them in gray and black. they're nice. they also have some dry stretch tops.
 or undress him HIYO
looking for an organic matte styling product with strong hold. any help?
i placed an order on sep 29th and received it on the 8th of october. 1 item was missing.
they had a notice on their website a couple weeks ago that said orders placed on certain days might be delayed because they were reconfiguring their warehouse.
New Posts  All Forums: