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Herein a gently used Norse Projects bubble knit. Made of 100% Merino wool, it's in great condition, and I just had it dry cleaned to be as good as possible. (The little dark circle on the picture of the back of the sweater is just a fuzz on my camera sensor - nothing on the sweater) Measurements below - fits nice and slim.   Chest-18.25 Waist-17.75 Hips-17.75 Length from collar-25 Front length from neck point-26.5 Sleeves-32.25 V low price for a quick sale - $45...
Here's a black leather belt from suitsupply, worn a couple times, but basically no markings. It's marked 34, but I would say it's a small 34 - see measurements below. Like new condition, and the leather is a bit glossy as you can somewhat tell from the pics. Length w/ buckle: 41 Length w/o buckle: 39 Width: 1 3/16
Bump Price Drop. Half off - brand new.
Price Drop.
Measurements per request:   Outseam 44.5 Inseam 35.25 Waist 16.5 Thigh 11.25-11.5  Hem 7.25
Herein a basically brand new pair of Baldwin Henleys. I wore these briefly around my apartment, and decided they weren't for me. Unhemmed, and never seen the out of doors. The only marking is a date on the pocket (sorry about that).   Details at the Baldwin site here   135 115 100 Shipped CONUS.  Cheers.
This was my first Gitman Vintage shirt, and I realized the sizing is not right for me. I picked the shirt up from Union Made's sale, so perhaps it's even an older fit? Measurements below.   $60 Shipped CONUS   BNWT / Lilac color / Small / Made in USA obviously Measurements   Chest: 39 Waist: 36 Hip: 38.5 Tail from neck point: 28.5 Yoke: 17.75-18 Sleeves: approx 35.5 from center back (26 from shoulder) Collar: 15.5 Armhole: 10 (measured straight from shoulder...
Here's a cut length of a Thomas Mason linen shirting fabric. I've held on to this for a while, but just never have had it made up. Beautiful fabric and feels great - as expected from TM.  50 shipped CONUS.
Here's a brand new long sleeve polo from Billy Reid, in Forest Green color. It's a size small, but fits like a standard extra small in my opinion. Check measurements below for your size. Shipped CONUS for 40 bucks!   Chest: 18.75 Waist: 18.5 Hip:18.5 Length: 26 Sleeve: 27.75 Shoulders: 16
Herein a navy solid grenadine tie by Kent Wang. Made in Italy. Perfect condition - 3"x60"   Color is proper navy - a little darker than the pictures show.   $35 Shipped CONUS.
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