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For mine, I prefer traditional peak lapel, non-vented jacket, with a bib fronted, turn-down collar shirt, onyx studs/cufflinks, grossgrain cummerbund, trousers with no break, over patent leather lace-up shoes. Pretty standard but it's been well-tailored and fits like a glove, and thus accentuates all the things it's supposed to.
I hear you!! I'm a 42-44, which makes it even more cruel!! JUST too small.My point in posting(which I'd forgot to mention) was the fact that the item in question(from the '60s) featured a placket with poppers, not a button-through placket, to answer the original question.
. double post
Apologies to anyone bidding on this, but here's a link to an eBay auction for an original '60s suedey:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-60S-LEVIS-BIG-E-TYPE-III-SUEDE-LEATHER-TRUCKER-JACKET-40-DENIM-JEAN-/321531816232?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item4adcca2928   Just a touch too small for my frame, or I'd have bid on it.  
Like Sherman tanks! Very nice. I have a black smooth leather pair that they made for Brooks Brothers a while back. Real snazzy. Are the ones in the link cordovan?
The MA-1 has been discussed in this forum ad nauseum, and it was determined that while not widespread, they were worn by some originals in some parts of the country.A real-deal MA-1 with the wool pile lining in the original sage green is a thing of beauty and is a far cry from the '82 glue-huffer uniform of amorphous shape and dodgy coloring. Having said all that, the Brutus/Edwin/Alpha link in question is, well... questionable...
Good God.
Those are some Parisian skinheads from the bands MARABOOTS and LION'S LAW, the latter of which is playing here in Boston in about a week. Paris has a pretty good skinhead scene, with a lot of proper dressers though the scene is mostly geared towards Oi! and hardcore.
Slightly off-topic but relevant to some of the younger skinheads who may lurk on here: Colin McQuillan of Belfast Oi! band RUNNIN' RIOT, died in his sleep last night while on tour in England. I'm lucky to have counted him a dear friend. "Gone too soon, forever young". Sleep well my brother.
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