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That's certainly a tough look to pull off outside Bermuda-- but by all means lead the pack!In hot, humid Boston summers I tend to go with either Brooks Brothers lightweight Clark chinos or oxford cloth trousers, that is unless I just give up completely and go with oxford cloth shorts and loafers/boat shoes/plimsols. Shirt optional!
  Very classy, sir.  
Hahaha, that's classic! Great story.I defo prefer the 6 eye ones, cleaner and less glue-bag skins looking.
I've got a pair of them Damsons.  Very supple leather and seem to be a little better-made than the regular "Hawkins" 8-eye by Solovair-- though the leather is a little thinner and tougher to get to a nice lustre..  Then again, I'm not old enough to have bought an original pair so I have nothing to compare them to.  
  People like Beckham have style(fashion?) consultants doing the shopping for them.  They get the hippest, "cutting-edge" stuff that's fashionable at the moment, all in his size.  My wife's good friend who works in Manhattan as an attorney doesn't have time to shop, and to my surprise and dismay told me that she uses one of these people.  They go clothes shopping for her and buy all her-sized stuff, full ensembles/outfits and all.  From the standpoint that I'm from, being...
  Thanks Cern...    Had a peek, they look to be built like Sherman tanks!  Monstrous soles.  Dead cool.  Not strictly "skinhead" like the other thread, but defo have a serious appeal to them with that triple sole. 
Just stumbled upon this thread as I was reading the "Mod to Suedehead" thread and it had been mentioned.  I'm hoping my non-sequiturs and general mucking around("contributions")  will be more appropriate on this thread as it's more of my era.     Excellent so far, let's keep it up!  I'll be throwing my Septic-centric opinion around soon.  
   I have a pair of NOS '70s Florsheim Imperial plain caps that look very much like Browniej's Royals.  Nice true Goodyear welt, etc.  Got 'em on U.S. eBay for about $40.  Also, the Alden plain cordovan bluchers are a very nice alternative as well-- though you may want to trawl eBay for discounted ones as they are a bit dear.    Lasttye, them Church's smooths are amazing.  Never seen the pic except in your avatar.  
    Oh it definitely is like that.  Take Polo Ralph Lauren.  I know that in the UK and some of Europe, it's a highly-regarded label in casual and football circles.  While I admittedly own a few choice pieces, it's up there with The North Face and those horrible 'Afflicted' allover-print t-shirts as far as ubiquity here.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns at least one RL polo shirt.  Barbour is definitely a semi-'exclusive' brand here, right now though it's big with students...
Yup, they were always known as 'Baracutas' or 'Cutas in Boston and the area. You used to literally find them a dime a dozen in Salvation Army or goodwill shops. That's where all the skinheads got 'em. A lot of the younger set called them "Harringtons" because that's what they were referred to as in London shops so that's what we started calling them, too. Funny thing is, with the colder winters here, the knockoff harringtons with the warmer lining(fuzzy/wooly stuff as...
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