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Obviously I'm coming from a younger generation, but I'd tend to agree with the "Look" sentiment. The shirt collars roll(yeah it's only a 2-button collar, and I think they're fused and lined, and the yoke is not stitched), and the shirts are just very high quality and last repeated washings. I go for the current "green label" shirts which are trim but not slim.Cerneabbas, yeah I agree that £130 is a bit steep. I tend to buy during sales and I often get 40% off type...
I think the Brooks Bros Regent Fit or Madison fit trousers are well-built, hard-wearing, and drape nicely. They can hold a sharp crease, too. Regent Fit is a but trimmer and Madison is pretty standard(though not baggy by any means, unless you're a total beanpole).A little steep at $160/£103 but my couple pairs have lasted a few years now. As the reviews say, the pocket lining IS white and shows if you don't wear a jacket-- but the quality/stitching issues are something...
Defenitely the doggy's danglies-- i love the soles, too. I might have to pick up a pair(the brogues, that is ) for an early 40th birthday gift to myself!
Thanks boss.
I've never been a fan of monkey boots, but those are dead cool!! Who makes 'em?
Nah fella, you can buy them with safety yellow or orange instead of black. A "mislead" friend of mine had one. So ugly, haha.
The difference is that the model wearing Brutus didn't arrive at his unfortunate ensemble because he and his neighborhood buddies wear clothes like that. He was put into fashionable jeans and the Brutus shirt to sell units.Street style, as you of course know, is born in the streets. The model in the Brutus shirt was obviously told be the photographer or a Brutus rep how/what to wear.
Just a model with all the gear and no idea. Brutus and DM trying to cast as wide a net as possible-- though I doubt many people outside the skinhead diaspora would wear "family picnic tablecloth tartan" shirts-- especially in the manner being portrayed by said model. Amazing how you can make any item of clothing look completely ridiculous with just a few small flourishes and accessories(i.e. the red hankie in the shirt pocket[?!?!]).
Well that certainly does NOT embody "understated style" by any stretch of the imagination.
     I'm pretty much in your boat, AYP.  I don't want to look like some hooligan or tough guy like I might have even into my early 30s...  My arms are pretty well-covered in tattoos and even with a long sleeve shirt my wrists show, as of course do my knuckle tattoos.  The way I dress and the way I present myself are certainly at odds(to the surprised observer) with my tattoos.  My wife's family are somewhat well-to-do Washington folk and they find me at least a curiosity...
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