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Some real weirdos on that page.Weirdo beardos: Yeah beards seem all the rage right now, but seem to me to be the antithesis of the "clean look" that mods and skins have always aspired to.
Pretty nice but looks to me like it's crossed the line between boot and sneaker/trainer. The silhouette has been changed dramatically. I suppose it's a matter of taste and perception, but they really do look to me like "trainees".Very nice; just a serious step in the casual direction.
With polos, I tend to do up the top button if I'm wearing a coat, jacket, cardigan, etc., over it. Otherwise it's top button undone. I have a few Smedleys, and some have bigger necks than others, so some I wear with the top button done up, and some with it open. With Fred Perrys, Lacoste, etc., without something over it they've always had the top open. For me, I like the way it looks, but it might also stem from my parochial school days of it being mandatory that the...
Only by people not from Boston
My Dad's the only person I know Stateside that has aways pronounced it "Davis", and corrected me when I said it "Day-veez". When I was younger I just thought he was wrong! 😄
My travel combo backpack/shoulder bag is a Master-Piece "Potential" bag. It's sort of 1970s Sierra Nevada hiker mixed with jet-setter looking but has many pockets and is very well-built. Ballistic nylon, leather and suede accents at pressure/wear points, heavy-duty zips, and many convenient compartments. It can function as a backpack, a briefcase, or again, sort of a shoulder bag. Great capacity in a sort of slimline frame. Mine is sort of a "tonic" navy/airforce blue...
Just to clarify: I meant that most C.C. Filson's stuff falls outside the scope of "the look". As far as bags go, since bags were really not part of "the look" until the days of the casuals with their Head bags, I'd suppose that your bag should be well made and reflect your personal needs for space and accessibility: functionality and understated elegance.For an overnight/"away" bag, I have a small J. Hulme cognac leather duffel bag my wife got me. Very simple with one...
Just a gut feeling 😄I do stand by my word about Filson-- excellent gear. Most of it certainly falls outside the scope of "the look" but the gear is indestructible.
If you're gonna drop that kind of dough on loafer(not saying YOU are Mr. K), migbt as well buy Aldens. Leaps and bounds better than a Weejun.
Best thing about Filson is their products are built like iron and guaranteed for life. Excellent, high quality gear made for lumberjacks. A bit fashionable at the moment what with your sockless, waxed-mustache and beard urban pseudo-lumberjack hipsters... but fantastic gear nonetheless.
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