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Wow, sunny England is getting a bit TOO sunny, eh? Welcome to the club; Boston summers are like that--it's brutal. I tend to go with something like this: White Fred Perry(non-tipped) Levi 501's(I have a few pairs of really thin ones) J Press sand colored canvas belt Happy socks or something else mid-calf and thin) Clarks desert boots(surprisingly comfy in the heat) Or Blue oxford cloth buttondown(sleeves cuffed twice of course) British tan Brooks Bros lightweight Clark...
Cool, thanks.
Hey Nicky, are you selling that shit at Boston Bobby's?
M&S Blue Harbour?
Yowza, that's some "whack-@rsed" footwear as the kids would say.
I wear the Clark. Milano's rise is too low for my tastes... Though I don't find the Clark ones' rise too too high. OK, here's where I might get confusing: the thighs and maybe knees on the M Rudes are more like that of the Milanos, but the seat is more like the Clarks. Overall, I'd say the pockets on Mr Rude's trews lay pretty flat(yeah unlike the BBros version which sort of hang open sometimes).
I believe "loafers" were the slang term at first. They are shoes made in the moccassin silhouette, so maybe "loafers" just became a descriptive slang term later on. Just my 2c.
Got to agree on the quality-- very nice indeed. The only newer brand I've found to get it right as far as buttons, fasteners, and stitching. They're a little narrower than Brooks Bros Advantage Chinos, and contain polyester so the crease stays sharper than the 100% cotton Brooks Bros.
Many happy returns, M-oM.
Haha, you caught me Cleav but I ain't Bruce Bruce, I'm Paul Di'Anno! Nah nowt like that. Just working there and not the day Iron Maiden is playing(the only heavy metal band I rate).Been to Derby once years ago and yup that's a bit of a haul from Knebworth!
New Posts  All Forums: