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Top-drawer, Tom. The mac's looking nice! London All-Stars there.Tel's b-day I presume? We chatted back and forth t'other day. Gotta get over there again and get a ruby and a couple scoops in with you gents.All this talk of Air wair, etc: I have a pair of oxblood 6-eye Solovair Hawkins, wear them traveling, walking, gigs, out to bars, etc. Although I wear them less than brogues, smooths, and loafers these days, I've had them for about four years and the wear has been...
And Spanners...
Sharp as a tack as always, Mr. K. The event looks like it was a pretty nice time.
Just to clarify, the coat style you're talking about is the 'covert coat'. Crombie is a firm whose cloth is used to make their version of the covert coat. Supposedly Cordings of Piccadilly 'invented' the style.
Yeah I wouldn't pay full price for a Grenfell-- there's a J. Press shop in Harvard Square that often sells Grenfell kootas.
Been thinking of adding a Grenfell 'cuta(generic term for any harrington here) to my arsenal for a while. A little more "under the radar" than Baracuta with its more subtle lining.
Peeping the photo again, it looks as though Clapton might have reversed the cuffs inwards so they're gripping the 'meat' of his forearms near the elbows in reverse. Alluding to above, it is most likely to keep the billowing sleeves away from the strings of his git-fiddle-- especially on his right forearm. Many guitarists wear wristbands on their picking hands to similar effect.
Yeah, looks like a G9 with G4 cuffs. Weird!
...aaaaaand that'd be the one, M-o-M! Very sharp. Ahead of his time, eh?
Never seen that pic of Clapton, very cool. Isn't there a pic (somewhere on this forum perhaps) of him from the same "short hair" era but onstage and wearing a harrington?
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