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Well played, laaaaaaad...
As far as stuff I own, and the fact that they have a balance of form and function:   The Real McCoy's Albam Mikkel Rude Church's TenC Native Sons Samurai Crombie  Briefing Master Piece
Good, reliable service. Their shirts are great though their sta-prest dn't work for my body type.
Ta, will do.
Will yu post to the USA?
Those ARE nice. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe Florsheim did the wood grained soles until the very early '80s. Can't tell if the uppers are cordovan or not I'm afraid.
I usually use Kiwi brown, and sometimes cordovan color, or just oxblood polish once in a while.
I love my Astronauts. Got the oxblood and black in the 6-eyelet version. Comfy and polish up nice.
Thank you, sir.
Funny, I was in the Cambridge J. Press shop a couple weeks ago and there was nothing like that, either. Do you have a link to the above raincoat?
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