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A Happy Father's Day to my fellow Dads!
A decent enough sheepie; maybe not "original" coloring but I know I'd wear it!
Shit! And here I am out of town till the end of June!All bullshitting aside, Nik, my condolences on the loss of your friend and employer Boston Bobby.
Very, very nice but.... man, the price of shell cordovan has gone through the stratosphere! If anybody is flush enough to afford these, Alden's Barrie last runs ½ size bigger than your normal fitting. For instance if you take a US 10 in most shoes, get a 9.5 in the Alden Barrie last.
Unless you know a proxy who live in Boston not three miles from the AE shop and can post you "used shoes" worth "£10".
Defo agree on Loake. Nice mid-level make and the size 9 do the trick for me last-wise, etc.again the caveat with AE was the price-- didn't know whether they were available in Britain or not. Figured they'd be.A place to check for good deadstock AE, Alden, etc., is USA eBay. I once found an unworn, perfect pair of burgundy late '70s Florsheim smooths. Cost me about $50 all told. Well-made and more summer friendly/breathable than, say, shell cordovan.
Not sure what you're down to spend but Allen Edmonds makes the classic "bucks". The Boone, Style 3107 is lightweight and summer-friendly.
You've got to WASH it after the vinegar soak, Inspecteur!
I heard that if you soak the item in a solution of ½ white vinegar and ½ hot water for a good ½ hour before washing, it sets the dye. The guy from Drinkwater's( Camridge men's haberdasher) told me this. It also supposedly works on setting the dye so your bleeding Madras doesn't bleed. I tried it on a type III denim jacket and the thing is as dark as ever after long wash and wear.
Seersucker is nice and keeps you cool but it wrinkles like linen. Looks great from a yard or two away though. Wearing one for travel tomorrow. I'll snap a pic of it if I remember to.
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