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Great pic. Never seen that one, Tom. Fellow on the rigbt looks like the love child of Bob Dylan and Stinky Turner!
For the Brooks Bros- try their Clark chino(as opposed to the lower-rise Milano). Very nice and well-made, washer/dryer/wear but wrinkle a little bit due to the (100%?) cotton content. Maybe go a size down in the Clark if you're very slim. Online they have various waist and inseam optionsMikkel Rude- awesome but yeah not 'barato' $¥£€. try eBayUniqlo- I haven't tried themRelco- sorry, cheap garbageMerc- as above postings, pretty good I agreeBrutus- haven't delved...
Sorry, not I.
Yer even got the Northern 'tache going! Brilliant!
Good observation as always sir Yankmod, however Brooks Brothers(original "polo" button-down debuting around 1900-'02) , J. Press, Gant, and other shops were purveyors of a cohesive and established "Ivy League look" for many decades before Pendleton's contribution to it. Granted it started as the preferred dress of the patrician, blue-blooded, old money folk... But it trickled "up" to poor and working class folk like my Grandfather's generation(born in 1920).It seems like...
Still can't do the monk straps. I've never dug them enough to buy them and I think their appeal to me has been further sullied by too much iGent/web-sartorialist drooling.Gotta say though, I'd wear those basketweaves during summer. Pretty cool stuff.
Ditto. I'm usually in England or somewhere in the UK at least once a year but there's nought in the 2016 books for me.
Can't fault Loake on them gunboats. Solid and look great. I have a pair in burgundy and yeah you can see the seam on the inside of your feet but even next to a pair of Allen Edmonds or Florsheim they look as handsome.
Would smash.Sorry.
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