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Tobacco brown cords, jeans.
Always wanted to check out Zomerset. Thanks for the Glastonbury advice--- did it about 18 years ago, same then. Guess things don't change all that much.I have some Marmot goretex boots and waterproof festival gear in a bag I keep over in Germany with the truck/lorry company-- aside from that I have some Chameau wellies if it gets too too bad! Luckily I'll only be there for a day.
That's extremely kind of you, @Fruitbat. Thank you. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be in Britain during the last week of June. Aside from working at Glastonbury, I'm not sure where else I'll be, and whether London is even an option for me for a day off. Ask @Clouseau, I'm hard to pin down! Day of meetup, I'll be between Galicia and Bourgogne 😄 Have fun, gents! p.s. Fruitbat, is that Cordings jacket pincord? Looks quite nice.
Indeed, it would be nice to get a chin-wag in with some on here.So re: the tie, the other posters on that thread are talking about the pattern or color of their ties as being difficult, whereas you're referring to its actual functionality. I see, I see.
Yup, my buddy's English cousins were coppers around Oxford, said they wpre them, too. Can see why, nice and comfy once broken in.
Thanks Mr. K.Tongue DEFINITELY in cheek! I find dark knit ties to be very easy to wear, especially with a 3/2 roll sack jacket-- white OCBD, olive or charcoal sack, square-bottomed knit blue, black, brown, burgundy tie, cord or wool flat-front trousers-- the epitome of informality.That pub near Cordings-- I might be in London in July, will have to pop in. If not I'll be there in December for a few days. Always wanted to hit Cordings' shop again, and now there's a...
Weejuns.  Pretty beat-up, too.  I've relegated them to house shoes in the winter, and very, very casual shoes in the summer.  
The above with the adjustments made. The collar was standing up a bit due to the sport coat underneath and not having looked in the mirror beforehand(this was a selfie😳):It might be difficult to tell from the photo, but the material isn't rubberized or stiff. It flows and drapes like a flannel suit, plus it's thin and very warm. Defo cut like a mac but warm like a winter coat.
mI got the 6-eye brown. Excellent boots no matter what the color.
An apt moniker if ever there was.
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