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Not what I meant, good sir. My apologies if I came off as rude or arrogant.I meant that if you're going to bring up a well-trodden subject, quote an older relevant post and expand on it, squeeze some more juice out of something as opposed to reiterating a question that's already been answered sufficiently.As far as cliques, I'm certainly not part of any here and new blood and perspectives always seems welcomed and encourage.For what it's worth, I'm less of a King Cnut in...
You're right-- here Stateside at shows/gigs, etc., you see fellows my age(40+) with loudly-checked Brutus shirts tucked into tight jeans with braces and Ronald McDonald boots and it looks ridiculous. After you hit 30(at the latest!)you need to tone it down! You're right in saying it's a young man's game.But yeah, for yourself and other neophytes, use the search function to find older posts. If you have something to add, just quote the post and say your piece. Not...
Great pics. A pretty well-turned-out bunch! Weejuns representin'!
What an exorbitant markup. They're $20-$40 here usually. They're essentially just cheap work pants like Dickies-- though I know how expensive those used to be in the UK and Europe-- a buddy from Italy said in the '90s a pair of new Dickies would fetch $200 US-- for work clothes that cost about $15 brand new in shops here at the time!!
Go for these. Same brand but made for the US market. Only difference is no label on back pocket. I've picked these up for as little as $15. Try trawling US eBay or Us online shops for even cheaper.For the quality these pants aren't worth $80+https://www.allseasonsuniforms.com/products/ea1001p-stan-ray-4-pocket-fatigue-pant
Both adorable. Great photo; I've certainly never seen it.
I always found that a simple four-in-hand knot was the best option when dealing with knit ties.       Perhaps a bizarre continuation of "the Look": I just received my made-to-order 8-wale cord, three button, single vented, all patch-pocketed jacket from Booksters.  It has mid-brown horn buttons, a bottle green lining, and bottle green stitching on the first buttonholes.  I'd like to think that it has enough structure and I dress with enough panache that with the right...
A Happy Father's Day to my fellow Dads!
A decent enough sheepie; maybe not "original" coloring but I know I'd wear it!
Shit! And here I am out of town till the end of June!All bullshitting aside, Nik, my condolences on the loss of your friend and employer Boston Bobby.
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