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Yeah that's very nice,clocked it on the Oi Polloi site, too. I have something similar, an OrSlow brown needlecord jacket though I guess it's more in a Levi Type III style-- but yeah more versatile with jeans than a jean jacket. I dig that a lot.
Chinos, sta-prest like pants, lighter colored(dyed) jeans like tan, olive, etc., colors that Levi's makes.I wear jeans so often that I find I don't wear my jean jacket that often anymore.  When I was in my 20s the double-denim thing didn't bother me so much if the shades weren't identical, but in my 30s and beyond it just looks too "youthful" I guess.  
Gotcha. Yeah they "culled" me a couple years ago, too cos I'm a Septic.
AYP, were you "mod dave" on the '80s Casuals forum?
Huh, no way. Cool tidbit of info! Stuff like that keeps me coming back to this thread.
Dead cool Mr K., and what are those cuffs, 2"?! Or is 'PTU 1 ½"' 'something turn ups 1 1/2"'? Very nice, and I'm not normally a pleats guy. Would that our current Bostonian weather permitted the wearing of flannel anything! Today it was a tropical 35°C out here! Khaki chinos, navy polo, and penny loafers and miserable.
I've used them since even before their website, havi g been to the older and newer shops in Newcastle. AYP is right: they're often cheaper than other sites, and they post very quickly.I dfinitely recommend them.
It could bave been Nicky Crane, haha.But seriously, I made similar observations my first couple times in London in the mid-'90s.It's like any stereotypically-tough look: they co-opt it and make it a joke...
Some real weirdos on that page.Weirdo beardos: Yeah beards seem all the rage right now, but seem to me to be the antithesis of the "clean look" that mods and skins have always aspired to.
Pretty nice but looks to me like it's crossed the line between boot and sneaker/trainer. The silhouette has been changed dramatically. I suppose it's a matter of taste and perception, but they really do look to me like "trainees".Very nice; just a serious step in the casual direction.
New Posts  All Forums: