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Very nice. I have the Real McCoy's ones and they're excellent-- however the color on mine is a bit too "blue bell" and not the nice dark indigo of most raw denim, like the €50 ones above. Very nice score on your part!
Hmmm... That I do not know for sure. I do know that construction workers do occasionally adorn their hardhats with club logos, insignias, etc., and might wear them to football games, even en masse( group of fellas from work who might hold season tickets and identify themselves as such). Then there's the extensive tailgating that goes on pregame as a culture unto itself with its own customs and social mores... But this is really all speculation as I don't follow American...
lI got a black raincoat from Brooks Bros that ticks all those boxes except the polyester part, but it stays crisp even in my luggage. Will bang up a photo when I return home from sunny Brum tomorrow.
Great insights and memories as always, gentlemen. I still like a donkey jacket-- but I wisely left mine at home in Boston as I'm in Notts at the moment, and was never a member of Dexy's!
   Yeah, that's a U.S.A. skinhead phenomenon that might have cross-polinated back to Britain in recent years a little bit.  Though I'm a spring chicken compared to some of the cats on here, when I shaved my head 25 years ago it was just "shave your head, hang around with skinheads, and if you're accepted you're in".  That being said, I've known a lot of younger people from my neck of the woods in more recent years that have gone through some "cropping-in" bullsh*t....
Get in there, "Buttons"!
Defo ain't chavvy! Too refined. Looks more like "well-put-together-herbert"/former mod or casual.
Maybe I was hasty in saying that the tie should suit the face...  I guess it's more that the tie should fill the negative space under the collar nicely, and the collar should compliment the face, so: face>collar>tie.    I think I'm just jealous because I just can't pull off a Half-Windsor-- though the shape certainly is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.      With the navy Crombie, the velvet collar isn't as apparent, so again it's a more versatile option.  They really...
1. Ain't the whole thing with the tie's knot about complimenting the wearer's shirt collar and face? A windsor probably suits your build and I assume you wear spread or cutaway collars normally?a. Would you wear a half-windsor with a buttondown collar?I. For the record, I'm a four-in-hand man.That's the cavalry twill Crombie above. Defo not a casual option. I have a navy Crombie short Covert Coat that I've worn with jeans, lighter colored brogues, and a buttondown that...
I didn't mean to come across that my dander had gone up-- was just saying. After re-reading my post it reads a bit "hair across my arse"-y. Ahh, the internet and the lack of proper emoticons to express colo(u)r and feeling in forum posts!!!As our antipodean cousins would say, "no wucking forries mate!"
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