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    I don't know what kind of money you're looking to spend, or if you're into the 3/2 roll sack type jacket, but J. Press has excellent stuff(though I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir)  All three of their lines(Presstige, Pressidential, and Pressclusive) are fantastic.  Well-made, if very traditional clothing... but if worn right looks dynamite.  Here's a 3-button patch pocket blazer with a hook center vent:...
I have these in oxblood and brown-- extremely comfy, and the low-profile look bereft of the stupid yellow stitches is a nice touch(yeah I know that's how they originally came but for the last 25+ years all you could find in the US with the right silhouette was DM's) . I've found that the brass eyelets on the Solovair Hakins get loose around the arch area, though I'm sure a cobbler could fix that for cheap.But for that small trouble they're worth it. I wear them both...
Nice coat! I have what looks like the identical sheepy(at least in design),except it had suede covered buttons which I replaced with "football" buttons. Reminds me of a certain Macc Lads song…
It looks interesting, though definitely appeals more to my generation.
I hear ya fella. Was there last year and should have dropped in. Rock and Roll royalty the likes of which we'll never again gaze upon.
I didn't know the original skinheads wore marzipan on their feet!
Yup. Everywhere but in Boston does it seem to be called that. I've spoken to barbers here about it, and none of them has heard of it-- but when I'm traveling outside New England and need a haircut, I'll ask for it squared off in the back, and the barber will say, "oh, a Boston Cut" or "Boston Square". Here in the Hub, we just call it a haircut
Yeah I popped in the DM shop in Boston(to buy boot laces) and those Smiths caught my eye as a Hawkins Astronaut type-thing.  Pretty nice!  
The "Neat Subtle Offensive"!
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