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The H o Bruar stuff, Cordings, etc., have some nice pieces but yeah. Of course you need to use them sparingly and interspersed with other styles. For instance, last night out to dinner with my wife and son, I wore an olive Cordings moleskin hacking jacket with an indigo blue linen buttondown, stone chinos, and chocolate brown Paraboot "Frenaye del Congo" oxfords. Subtle and classy with a nod to the "country look" but not out of place in Town. However, at our St Paddy's...
Whooosh! Those are CLEAN. What brand are they? Are they Bass, like the son gn behind them says?
RE: House of Bruar.  I've looked and looked on their website, and it all looks very enticing.  I've only ordered a v-neck lambswool sweater and a tie from there, but both were nice, not exorbitantly-priced, etc.  
Sounds good.  I typically have very little time in any given city, but once in a while there's an exception!  I sure hope that's the case with Paris.  
   Yeah, not a lot of activity in Boston of late.  No wonder people move outta here.  Everybody's too lazy or jaded to put anything on.  I'll let you know if I get anything going.  I heard the Specials gig was good.  Wish I could have attended but I was away on "business".     In actual sartorial skinhead-related news, I'm having a British firm make me a covert/Crombie-type coat with the robust 700g(almost 25 oz) charcoal Dugdale Bros. coating.  I'll get it up here when...
   Sounds good.  A meet-up would be pretty fun.  As of now I'll be in London for literally one day in January or February, and Paris in February.  Not sure of the dates yet.  I very well might be in England in the summer, but that remains to be seen.  
  Wow, we might have met over a disgusting $4 pitcher of blindness-inducing draught beer then.  The 'Port(or Father's Four as it was known previously) was THE watering hole for skinheads of legal age and MUCH younger(my wife, once a very proper skinhead girl, was able to drink in there from the age of 17-18 onward).  Toots and Combat 84 on the jukebox and a couple ex-skinheads from the early '80s working the bar(remember Red?).  That was a really fun joint.  Then the Latin...
Sadly, I don't have a regular night, Nik.  Sporadic O! gigs and DJ nights around the Hub... What with being gone for weeks at a time with my day job, it's tough to hold down a steady night.  Some day maybe.  I've been talking to the staff at Murphy's Law in South Boston and they're keen to do it.  Just need to iron out the details.   Watch this space, haha.  
Jay doesn't really seem to post on here anymore; he's sort of moved on but he definitely knows his eggs. All that junkshop glam stuff is getting very popular now-- it's about time! Iron Virgin's "Rebels Rule" is a great number, and yeah they had that droog thing going. Let's be homest here, the only really good song Hustler had was "Get Outta My House", later covered by the Business😄 Probably a tenuous-at-best crossover with mod-suedehead, but I love that stuff as well...
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