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Nah pal. I was hoping to find one in blue but no dice! pretty sure it only comes in that particular color. Who knows though, they might do another one next spring.
   Was chasing Dr. Who's little female assistant, tripped, fell into the Tardis, and ended up with that face.  Dunno...           ...TAXI!!!!!!!!!       
  Always had a spots problem as a kid; they just took over after a while!          ........ I'll get my coat! 
  Yeah I've had couple-two-t'ree pair of Quoddy shoes: 2 pair of camp sole bluchers and a pair of classic "boat shoes" but with gum color sole.  Definitely a treat for yourself.  As you said, "like butter"!  Some of THE most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. 
   Oh Lord, a man after my own heart.   What's the fit like on them Viyellas?  Bibendum-size, classic, modest, or skinny?  Or are there a variety?  
Got that Brooks Brothers "monkey jacket" I had posted a few pages ago.  Here's me hanging out with a few miscreants the other day.     BBros jacket BBros Red Fleece ocbd O'Connell's tartan green lambswool slipover Timex vintage early '70s automatic watch Sugarcane jeans J. Press or some other charcoal wool socks Royal Tweed brown cordovan gunboats (triple sole?)
Is that the button-shoulder/anchor on arm P&S one?  If so, great minds think alike.  One of the few remaining items I kept from my embarrassing foray into "casuals" type gear.  P&S has some incredible togs.  
As alluded to above, the Red Fleece buttondowns are the closest. Back collar button, locker loop, center pleat, not billowing fit. Aside from the not-jumbo collar, the details are great. If you want to get ultra-crazy, grab a J. Press "Premium Pleats" pinpoint oxford. They're slim fit with all the details... however they're non-iron, which some people take issue with. My only issue is that the cloth is usually thinner than the must-iron shirts. I like my shirts to...
Crazy, yeah perhaps. Maybe that Red Fleece was made during that period of the last 7-10 years of every company trying to be "hip" by making collars shorter, jackets shorter, etc., to fit Pee Wee Herman types.
I realize how sad this is but I'm drawing my son's bath water and have time to kill. Striped shirt is a Red Fleece and gridded one is a Gitman Vintage. Same exact collar size. However the BB's placket at the top button is rounded, which I prefer, whereas the GV's is 90°
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