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I love Slade myself, but you'll get no love from this camp for them. As "skinheads" they were total posers, but man could they write a tune!!
That's Don Powell!***runs and gets tin hat***
The closest I'll be is Escot Park in Devon a little less than a month later. Ah well, I hope the craic is good and the ale flowing!
They did 'em in "American brogue" style, too. Pretty nice but for the leather seam on both in- and outside http://ebay.com/itm/281708416467?nav=SEARCH
Haha, yes it does get a bit confusing! "Wingtips" are any sort of shoe with the leather piece on the toe that wraps around the sides like inverted wings, not limited to, but including, brogues(brogue meaning a shoe with punched holes)of the long and short wing varieties. If I'm not wrong, you of the Empire call the longwings "American brogues"? I've always called them brogues but Stateside they seem to be generically referred to as "wingtips". Yeah I've seen wingtips...
Then there's the trans-Atlantic names for shoes. Brogues and oxfords and wingtips oh my! It all adds to the confusion. I don't think we even HAVE a name for gibsons over here! Got married in a pair though, but the toe was more pointed. Elegant shoe.The APC Town Mac is great; I got the POW check one. Fully-lined, but pretty lightweight owing to linen in the mix. Sits nicely on.
Absolutely beautiful. Nice score!
The jeans in the pic remind me of a pair of Samurai jeans I have. I believe Roytonboy or one of the other early posters on this thread put a pic of a pair of their Samurai 5001xx(or whatever) up yonks ago. They're supposedly extremely close in character to the '60s and '70s Levis, and made on them old shuttle looms. It seems like two factors are involved in the, ahem, drape of the jeans: shrink-to-fit factor and the actual weight of the denim. I'm guessing most of...
Maybe the second wave didn't get the memo about "shrink to fit" jeans and they just bought their actual size and voila! Ballhuggers!!!
Not sure what era or style the fellow is going for, though "septuagenarian hipster" might be accurate. It looks sort of like a mix of Victorian and Old West, maybe "steampunk"-inspired?
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