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They don't make Solovair anymore?!! Too bad, they done some great boots. Understated. RIP
  Smedleys rule, though I don't tend to wear them on vacation as they're not exactly hard-wearing.  I like them Sunspel Riviera polos, and the fabric is amazing-- but I find the sleeves way too short.  I guess I'd opt for the long-sleeve version.  
I've somewhat recently had a hot weather epiphany here.  Summer is my least-favorite season for the most part, and the heat is what really kills it as I like wool, tweed, layers, etc...  For both resort and home(I live by the sea in both locations), I've been using the Outlier "New Way" shorts.  I have a pair of navy and a pair of tan.  They look like tailored cotton shorts, and they dry extremely quickly.  Four pockets, an internal drawstring, belt loops, and tough mesh...
Yeah your scene was pretty legendary for slickness even out here in the Ancient East. Didn't some of the Utters and Reducers boys come out of that scene?
 I do love the Smedley Isis polo:  Nice and subtle and a bit more under-the-radar than, say, a Fred Perry...that being said I wear FP's more as they're less "delicate"    Maybe they'll be re-branding that particular Smedley shirt now that the moniker(Isis) has been co-opted?  
Hi SoCal,   They have a pretty high rise, like 11.5-12", proper pants, not the effeminate low-rise garbage that most companies cut these days.  They seem to be true to the era they emulate except they're a TINY bit narrower.  Not skinny in any way, but narrower than the originals.  Pretty good value either way.  Got a pair at a shop here in Boston for under $15(I forget exactly how much).  
   Yeah, I've got some needlecords by Cordings, most likely the same that Cenneide mentioned.  They're excellent.  The wide 8-wale jumbo cords in trouser style are nice with a tweed hacking jacket but definitely not for casual wear in my book.  I have a pair of burgundy jumbo cords for said purpose, and the needlecords in jeans-style for casual wear, ususally with a harrington or (gasp!) once in a while with a flight jacket...
  Funny, that's so twisted around but perfectly plausible...   My school uniform from first through third grade was buttondown sky blue shirt and navy tie with navy trousers(sort of sta-prest-ish if I remember), and navy, green, or burgundy(?) v-necks(longsleeve and sleeveless), though I forget the material... it's been a few years!  Later the school switched to sky blue polo shirts. It's funny cos the former-- buttondown, chinos, v-neck, and loafers/smooths/brogues/etc....
I 100% understand that ethos... However, what I was asking was whether or not that ethos is relevant in today's yoof.  Is it still part of it or has it fallen by the wayside?  It certainly seems to have here.   
  Pretty common knowledge in America, though I can see why such a small detail would go amiss somewhere else.  "Locker loop", or as we kids in parochial schools called them, "f@g tags"... not a Benson & Hedges reference.   Oddly enough M-o-M, your post reminded me of an interesting article about locker loops and their place in the intricate mating rituals of Ivy League coeds.  [url]http://www.ivy-style.com/tied-together-ivy-guys-vassar-girls-and-the-college-scarf.html[/url]
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