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Also, the Norrona Trollveggen Down 750 is a good choice. Can be purchased at backcountry.com. It's comparably priced with CG at $550 -605, depending on color. I have Norrona's lightweight down jacket and it's an excellent piece. The Trollveggen is quite a bit beefier and will be very warm. I do have a CG Citadel and no matter what, I have never been cold, period!
Bloomingdales.com has some Canada Goose on sale. An xlarge Citadel in Caribou is $238.50!! Hurry.
Oops. I meant to say, good advice to MyOtherLife. Layering in winter is a good thing.
Good advice, ceoceo. Bought a Citadel last season in size L. I usually wear a size M but the L seemed to fit better. Layering is easy and the coat is incredibly warm. And, it gets better, it was on sale!
Bloomingdales on-line has a CG Chateau, navy, XL, on sale for $250!! Hurry.
I think the best time to buy is end-of-season. I bought a Citadel last year at Bloomingdales, on a clearance rack, for about $350. Can't beat that. But, doesn't help you this winter unfortunately.
Charles Tyrwhitt of London sells slim and extra slim shirts. Many are on sale.
Stillmaticbeat, I went to the recent Schott sale. They had a great selection of leather, although I didn't come home with any. I already have 2 Schott leather jackets. There were some pretty substantial bargains to be had. I did come home with one of Schott's new Dunstall wax cotton jackets. Very comfortable, easy to wear. Got it for $40, $200 off retail! That was my bargain of the day. You can see it on their website. Anyone else?
For you bigger guys, Bloomingdales.com has a Yorkville bomber, XL for $205 and a Citadel, XXL, for $250, on sale. Both are black.
Please provide measurements for Marc Jacobs Wrangler jacket. Is it selvage? Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: