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There's a cobbler in bothell that has done work for me:
I don't buy it. I've been checking the same few products every day for the last two weeks, and the available selection only goes down.
Are the physical stores as bad at restocking as the e-commerce site? I know the hurricane was bad and all, but surely they have some sort of contingency plan?   They're basically sold out of everything that isn't a L or XL at this point. Shirts, knits, whatever, all gone. Worse, they're running promotions on what's left, almost like they're taunting people.
I like boglioli for that kind of stuff. You can usually find their jackets for around $500 on yoox.
I ordered this   this   and this   all size small.   I'm 5'8; 39" chest, 31" waist. about 155lbs this week.   The jackets both fit snugly, but overall pretty well for under $100 jackets. Sleeves are about an inch too long but are easily tailored. Fairly cropped length, but...
Their slim shirts aren't really much slimmer than their regular fit. OK in casual untucked styles, requires tailoring otherwise. Sizing down might help, but the shoulders might get tight if you've got any muscle.
For a primer in how to wear a suit in a streetwear style, see Tom Waits.   I never wear a suit unless I'm going to a wedding or something, but I usually wear a sportcoat every day. I try to stick with unstructured stuff that you find from italian labels, since it's easy to wear them without feeling out of place in a casual work environment.
There are already several companies that make "100% american" jeans that cater to fat conservative white people. Apparently Mr. Beck doesn't know how to use Google.
The standard kiwi silicone stuff works pretty well. They'll still get damp if you really soak them, but they'll repel rain just fine.
My biggest regrets:   Things that I spent more than $500 on:   - Harris tweed jacket from jcrew (shoulder pads like david byrne) - Bizzarre fitting jacket from armani exchange - Suit from men's warehouse ($950, and I thought it was such a good deal because it was made it italy!)   Things that I didn't spend that much on, but wasted space in my closet:   - Burgundy square toe loafers that I picked up at nordstrom. I use them to mow the lawn. - A...
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