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I'm 5'9, 36-37ish chest. I typically wear a 36 in tailored clothing, occasionally a 38 if it's very slim. I got a 3 in the Twin Track and it fits well. The shoulders/top block area is actually quite trim. I can wear it with or without the removable part, but prefer it without. 
 I sure hope not, but at this point I have trust issues. 
 Yep! Every now and then there's something that we can't ship there due to vendor restrictions and things like that, but generally speaking yes. A pretty large percentage of our orders are international, actually. 
For those that are interested, we launched one of our most popular footwear drops today  - the Oak Street Bootmakers trench boot. It's available in 5 shades of chromexcel, two sole options, and as a plaintoe or captoe. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/oak-street-trench-boot  
We've sold thousands of items from Saphir and as far as I know, this is the first time there's been any issue like this. It's frustrating, but I'm confident that it will be resolved and I don't think it will impact our ability to work with Saphir going forward. 
Hmm. No, you're not being trolled of course, but it does look like you just scored some free Saphir wax polish!   Sorry that happened - for any CS issues, there's not really anything I can do here so be sure to submit them to our online support team if you haven't already! They will help resolve this. 
Do these private sales typically include the RRL rigid denim?
Update: We've reached back out to the vendor and they've acknowledged the error and confirmed that the correct, replacement units are en route to our warehouse now. As soon as the shipment is received, our team will work to have replacement packages to those that were affected right away. Thanks for your help identifying this issue!
For those wondering about the cream/wax mis-shipment:   Our Saphir vendor was back in the office today and sure enough, they sent us the wrong stuff and it went out on accident (as you can imagine, the names of the colors on the two products are the same. oops). We're working on the fix right now and should have everything resolved today. No matter what, we're gonna make sure that everybody got the thing they ordered, so don't worry!   I'll post an update soon. 
Shoot, that's no good. Thanks for submitting a CS ticket, I'll take a look into this on my end as well. 
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