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 I can't speak for the whole line since I've only handled one Havana and one Jort. The two I have are very close, so you could probably assume the cuts are about the same in the waist. 
Old to the forum, new to WAYWRN. Thought I'd drop a photo from last weekend in.      Jacket - Suitsupply Jort Shirt - Proper Cloth linen/cotton oxford square - the tie bar chinos - J. Crew penny loafers - C&J for BB
36R. In terms of fit, these are the main differences I see (some of it may just be variability in sizing though, as I own only one of each)   Jort is   -a little roomier in the chest -slightly slimmer in the waist -1/2" ish longer -slightly shorter sleeves -notably lower button stance
I've been meaning to put together a more thorough review of this SuSu Jort sportcoat (my first from the Jort line) - I'm just now getting around to it, but in short I'm a big fan.    http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jort_jackets/jort-light-brown-plain-jacket/C871.html?cgid=jort_jackets   Quick photo of it in the wild:
 I've been talking with Ed about doing a GMTO for these - I have about 40 of the swatches at my desk right now :) I'll keep you posted. 
daaaang those are nice. 
Regarding the San Francisco store, I've been in contact with them forever about it and am currently waiting on a final open date. I'm hoping they don't push it back any more, as they've been working on opening that store since 2013 or so and are continually announcing and then postponing it.    They're certainly interested in opening a store in SF, but the city just makes it very difficult to do so when you're a chain store. FWIW, I believe they've pretty much built out...
I look forward to that day!
If Gus has enough photos of HoS to last us until Thursday I will be impressed.    Looking forward to it! Hope everyone is watching the game tonight!
See you there!
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