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That was just an estimate when we launched. While the drop was live we switched it to 11/18 to accommodate all the orders that were coming in (350 ties sold!).  That said, Ed's doing what he can to keep things moving but we don't want to rush anyone into doing subpar work or anything like that. 
I think @GusW 's place would work well for a trunk show  
Panta's ties are made in Italy these days. You can see it on the product pages on his site and the Massdrop page. I realize that this is in start contrast to the "proudly made in the USA" banner on the Panta site, but there you go.  The quality is top notch either way. 
Same! The order is already with Ed and being sent over to Italy, so the wheels are turning. Now we wait...
FWIW, the ratio of 9cm to 8cm is now almost to 1:1. I think a lot of that is because the Styleforum crowd had the first crack at the orders, and then the Massdrop crowd placed theirs (and their tastes are probably a bit more modern-leaning compared to SF MC). 
I've been wondering the exact same thing. I love this boot but I kinda wish it was in Danite like it has been in the past, or at the very least would be interested in learning more about the Victoria sole and seeing pics. 
Because Ed is such a nice guy, he gave us permission to add one more swatch to the preorder. It's blue, it's live, it's available in two widths. You can see it on the site now. 
We're live!!!   Thanks so much for your patience while we confirmed that all of these fabrics are available. We're ready to take preorders! Here is the link:   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/panta-clothing-madder-tie   Note that you will need a Massdrop account to participate (it just takes an email address).    The process should be straightforward, but here's some info on how it will work:   - The 'drop' will be live for about a week, starting today. During that...
I understand your confusion. Everybody will pay the same amount at the end, so if you pledge to a higher price and then the price goes lower, you'll pay the lower price. That said, you're right that the lowest price is almost always reached. 
  FWIW, I'm 5'9 with a 15" neck and I use a DFIH all the time. Even without one, I had no problem with this tie's length. And as was mentioned, this isn't super thick so a DFIH shouldn't be a problem. 
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