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Regarding the San Francisco store, I've been in contact with them forever about it and am currently waiting on a final open date. I'm hoping they don't push it back any more, as they've been working on opening that store since 2013 or so and are continually announcing and then postponing it.    They're certainly interested in opening a store in SF, but the city just makes it very difficult to do so when you're a chain store. FWIW, I believe they've pretty much built out...
I look forward to that day!
If Gus has enough photos of HoS to last us until Thursday I will be impressed.    Looking forward to it! Hope everyone is watching the game tonight!
See you there!
 I think they're both good, they just have different value propositions. Luxire offers basically limitless opportunities for customization (a double edged sword, for sure) and has impressive quality at an aggressive price.  PC has an amazing interface and great overall customer experience, great customer support, lots of wonderful photography for inspiration, and a more 'curated' selection of style and fabric options.  Just my two cents. I use PC but certainly don't fault...
Nice! I assume that's the Roma spread and not the cutaway? I've been favoring the Roma spread on my dress shirts as of late. 
True, it could be possible, but I believe the photos much more than I believe the copy - I've seen that Meermin sometimes has a copy-paste approach to product details, since sometimes they will refer to an oxford as a 'monk' or something like that. If that shoe really does have a leather sole I would feel much more comfortable purchasing if the photos matched the words. 
I was really excited about these until I saw the stitched half rubber sole - would have been all over them if they had the normal channeled leather sole. Also, it's the same thing I mentioned before, where they say that the leather is chrome tanned and then later say that all shoes use veg tanned leather. Odd. 
My hunch is that it's vegano marron, as seen here on the Simpson last: http://www.leatherfoot.com/blog/2013/07/25/new-stock-carmina-80105-in-vegano-marron/
 I would be very interested if we did it on the Rain last, which I think is a bit more accommodating. I've seen a lot of models very similar to this, but only on the Simpson. 
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