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Yep, and CMT stands for "cut, make, trim."
They told me that it was a special order type thing. WB's carminas aren't stock models, they're made specifically for the store (at least that's my understanding). They really liked the simpson but none of their clients could wear it, so they ordered a wide version. That's what I heard from the sales associates, at least. 
   Last I checked, all of their models are on a wide-fitting Simpson last. Good for people that want to wear the simpson, bad if you only want to get a feel for your size and buy somewhere else. I think they're around $635.
 Not sure how you got so upset over this; it's not KW's fault that his shoes don't fit you well or that he also paid attention to other people at the trunk show. Perhaps if you had stayed instead of storming out you would have had an opportunity to check out the other wares and nab a free pocket square. Anyway, had a great time hanging with KW last night and listening to the Giants game from the bar across the street. Silk printed pocket squares:  The man of the...
Sounds great, I'll be sure to give it a try. 
Very cool! I'll probably give that a try on my next order. Might be a bit too big for my small frame but it looks worth a shot!    Out of curiosity, is that collar fused or unfused?
 I certainly use the product dimensions to guide my decisions (although they aren't always perfect), but the size advisor is worthless IMO. 
Nice, I figured you guys had something in the pipes! Would love to see some pics when you have a chance.
Hey @ccallis , random question for you.   I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a fresh round of dress shirts for work, but before I do I thought I'd ask if you have any new collar styles on the horizon. I normally go for the president spread and it has worked well, but I would love something just a bit bigger (around, say, 3.25" collar points) but without the extreme cutaway of some of your larger collars. I would love to see something around 3.25" points, 5.5-6"...
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