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Do you know the model number you're interested in? We're working on bringing more Sea Gull to the site, and I think I remember seeing a moonphase.  Also, general note - we'll be bringing back the Buday oxfords at the end of this week, for those that are interested! 
   Thanks, guys! They've been well-received thus far, so we'll definitely have three more batches coming your way through the rest of the year. 
 Don't tempt me - I'd totally wear a tuxedo to this if I wasn't the only one (Suitsupply tux, of course).  Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!
The madder ties are up - our first batch of deadstock fabrics from Robert Kete! You can see the drop here.    These are MTO for us, so you can choose your fabric along with your choice of width and length.   
 They'll be up early next week! I'll post in here when they go up. :)
busted...    The schedule got a bit messed up (my bad) but this will happen soon! I'm excited for it.    On an unrelated note, we'll have our second drop for Loake go up tomorrow, this time for their Aldwych captoe. I was really impressed with these.   
Will there be as much champagne as there was at the last event?   Either way, I'll be there!
Anyone tried the President spread II yet? Looks promising. 
Hey all!    I know it's been pretty quiet in here, but we've been working on some pretty cool projects behind the scenes. Here are some upcoming things:   -Tomorrow (7/27) we'll be dropping our first collaboration with Golden Bear Sportswear, a name that many of you probably recognize. This is hopefully the first of of many, and to start off we decided to offer a pared-down version of their classic varsity jacket, in a nice crisp cotton.      In about a week we'll...
I'm 5'9, 36-37ish chest. I typically wear a 36 in tailored clothing, occasionally a 38 if it's very slim. I got a 3 in the Twin Track and it fits well. The shoulders/top block area is actually quite trim. I can wear it with or without the removable part, but prefer it without. 
New Posts  All Forums: