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Generally we have a limit of around 5 items per person on any drop - certainly more than enough for one guy, just to combat fraudulent purchases, resellers, and things like that (although that's much more of an issue with things like electronics and watches).    Short answer - you can totally get more than one if you want, assuming there's still more available. 
 It's been really fun working with them on this. Paul (the CEO) is very much a fan of the styleforum/reddit/etc followers of AE, so he was very receptive to making a product aimed at those people. 
I'm an 8D Barrie and an 8.5D in these. 
 Is this a thing? If not, can we make it a thing?
 Since I've handled both quite a bit, I think I can speak to this: -both are totally 100% unlined, in the sense that they have no leather sock liner-both have a celastic reinforcement in the heel and toe for structure-with that said, the celastic reinforcement that AE uses is notably stiffer than what Alden uses in their unlined shoes (probably similar to what they use in their regular shoes) Hope that makes sense! Happy to expand on that as needed. 
I'll see if I can get some tomorrow. It's basically what you'd expect, since it's the grain side of full grain leather (so it basically looks like a tumbled leather sort of thing). 
I'll post more info here soon :)
For those that missed it, we've started working with ArmorLux from France. The brand is already very value-driven, so I'm excited to offer some really great pricing on their products. We're starting with some wool sweaters but hope to expand our offerings soon.    https://www.massdrop.com/buy/armor-lux-sailor-sweater  
Very helpful, thanks!   It looks like oak grain would be great for the GMTO I mentioned above, if anyone is interested ;)
Glad you like them! They totally rock.    I know the Fostex line is coming back, but I don't know the exact dates yet. The best thing to do is 'request' it on the inactive page so that you get emailed when it does.    I do know that we have more collabs coming out soon, and I think some will be another nice alternative to those ebonys!
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