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Yeah, but do you think they'll be discounted? They weren't in the last sale. I certainly hope that they are, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up.
Even the long is pretty marginal in length. Don't go for the short.
I think they were around $650, so that would be 30+15. I don't see them on the site now, though. Here's hoping that the marlows are included this time.
Yeah, I did notice that they were excluded in November - perhaps the days of semi-annual 40-50% off Marlows are gone. I've been keeping my eye on ebay and the like for a while, but it can be tough waiting for the right size. Thanks for the response.
I'm not that familiar with RL sales - does anyone know if there is a big one coming up? Spring private sale or something like that? I'm hoping that there will be a good opportunity to purchase the marlows soon.
Those are all pretty narrow lasts, right? Ron is reasonably normal/wide (moreso than Hiro I think), so my hunch is 6.5. I have a slightly wide foot and went down one full size from my US size.
Nice! Thanks, guys!
I haven't tried it, but I doubt that would work.
 When I tried the tassels on at the trunk show I went down a full size from my US size. I'm and 8.5 D-E in US and the 7.5D Meermin was fine.
I might be wrong, but I think there's a free shipping deal for orders over a certain amount if you sign up for the newsletter. 
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