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 I saw that too. I'm totally speculating here, but I wonder if they're working on switching suppliers from Argentina to Japan, as implied by Dieworkwear a while back. That could be interesting. http://www.styleforum.net/t/277707/meermin-mallorca-shoes/10725#post_7204745
Also, stock was very limited - I think most styles only had 1-2 of each size - so I wouldn't expect them to last all the way to the end-of-season sale.
I'll have to look through my pictures to remember everything. The only piece I've seen pics of elsewhere was that blue donegal overcoat from a few pages back. The rest was new to me. I wasn't able to find out but I'm sure we'll know soon enough. 
I was in NYC earlier this week and met up with the NMWA team to see their new F/W offerings. The new Eidos stuff (mostly the new Lorenzo cut of suits and sportcoats with a few other things) is really awesome. I want to get the go-ahead from Greg before I start posting photos of their new stuff willy-nilly, but I will report back once I get the ok from him.    It all looks great, though.
@katabatic Looks great! I have the same fabric in almost the same configuration. 
Looks great! Congrats!
 Great tie, great suit, great everything.
5'10", 150 lbs, size 8.5 shoe. I tend to shoot for about 8" with trousers, and around 7.75" with denim and chinos. I have a couple pairs of chinos with 7.5" openings but that's as small as I'll go. I'm a skinny guy with thin legs and small-ish feet, and even I feel like a carrot with 7.5" pants. I think the guys who taper their trousers past that have never seen their reflection from the side.    For reference, 8" opening on some Howard Yount trous (please excuse the...
I believe it includes everything. I'm all full for proxys, but I thought I would post some quick pictures of the stuff. For more info, you can check the post on my blog.  Some of the S/S sportcoats, with suits on the wall: Here's me in a Zegna wool/linen SC. Not the best picture, but I'd say that they fit very TTS. This is a 46R IT, my usual size. It's a great SC with a great fit. Antonio did a wonderful job making it fairly classically proportioned but very appealing, all...
I'm now doing one jacket proxy from the SF Bloomingdales tomorrow, so I can probably do one or two more. PM me if you're interested. Polo selection was a little thin, at least compared to suits and sportcoats. Navy hopsack was available from 48S-50L IT I think, and most of the other models had a bit more stock. 
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