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I'll be there!
 Glad to hear that I'll have priority admission - the lines at Pitti are so long these days.
 When I was in the NMWA shop they had the Formosa MTOs in a nearly identical pattern there as well - I kept mixing them up! I'd say that it is a touch shorter than what I'd prefer - it actually seems like it might be a touch shorter than the Tipo cuts I have tried on (but I'm not certain, so don't quote me on that).  But yeah, like you said - take that image and my comments with a big grain of salt.
 Here's a picture of me in a 36R, my normal size. Don't take this photo to heart because it doesn't really do the jacket justice. At the end of the day it's probably not the right cut for me, but I still think plenty of others will like it a lot. Not sure about S and L sizes. Greg will have to answer that one. 
As I mentioned before, I stopped by the NMWA HQ to check out the new Eidos stock. I have lots of photos on my blog here, but here are a few of them. Note that this is not the entire collection; there are a few other items like the navy overcoat and the green/red check SC Greg posted earlier. Also, stock is very limited so I wouldn't expect these to hang around forever.          
 I saw that too. I'm totally speculating here, but I wonder if they're working on switching suppliers from Argentina to Japan, as implied by Dieworkwear a while back. That could be interesting. http://www.styleforum.net/t/277707/meermin-mallorca-shoes/10725#post_7204745
Also, stock was very limited - I think most styles only had 1-2 of each size - so I wouldn't expect them to last all the way to the end-of-season sale.
I'll have to look through my pictures to remember everything. The only piece I've seen pics of elsewhere was that blue donegal overcoat from a few pages back. The rest was new to me. I wasn't able to find out but I'm sure we'll know soon enough. 
I was in NYC earlier this week and met up with the NMWA team to see their new F/W offerings. The new Eidos stuff (mostly the new Lorenzo cut of suits and sportcoats with a few other things) is really awesome. I want to get the go-ahead from Greg before I start posting photos of their new stuff willy-nilly, but I will report back once I get the ok from him.    It all looks great, though.
@katabatic Looks great! I have the same fabric in almost the same configuration. 
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