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 Maybe I'm obtuse, but I don't see it up there.  EDIT: I see now that it's up in the order tool, just not on the collar style page. Gonna give it a try. 
 Depends on what you're looking for, I suppose. Here's an interactive google map I made with all the best stores: http://fromsqualortoballer.com/post/92434875220/mens-clothing-accessories-and-services-in-san Khaki's probably has the best selection but is a ways away. FWIW, I recently learned that Bloomies carries Drake's.
Any update on the new roma spread collar style? Looking forward to trying it out.
I used to go there all the time because it was the only place open past like 7pm.
Does anyone know if there will be any more outerwear drops? I would love to get one of their merano coats, but not in the aggressive patterns and colors they have now. A simple navy or cream color like these ring jacket overcoats would be great, but they seem to only do them in loud fabrics this season.   On a similar note, does anyone know if their "Bleecker" fit has the same back details as the Merano?
FWIW I sent her an email two or three days ago and have not heard back. 
 I think that if the design already exists you can't re-submit it.
I've been wondering what their store is like. I'll try to make it.
Yep, and CMT stands for "cut, make, trim."
They told me that it was a special order type thing. WB's carminas aren't stock models, they're made specifically for the store (at least that's my understanding). They really liked the simpson but none of their clients could wear it, so they ordered a wide version. That's what I heard from the sales associates, at least. 
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