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Do these private sales typically include the RRL rigid denim?
Update: We've reached back out to the vendor and they've acknowledged the error and confirmed that the correct, replacement units are en route to our warehouse now. As soon as the shipment is received, our team will work to have replacement packages to those that were affected right away. Thanks for your help identifying this issue!
For those wondering about the cream/wax mis-shipment:   Our Saphir vendor was back in the office today and sure enough, they sent us the wrong stuff and it went out on accident (as you can imagine, the names of the colors on the two products are the same. oops). We're working on the fix right now and should have everything resolved today. No matter what, we're gonna make sure that everybody got the thing they ordered, so don't worry!   I'll post an update soon. 
Shoot, that's no good. Thanks for submitting a CS ticket, I'll take a look into this on my end as well. 
Hmm, that's definitely weird. Contact our CS team and they'll help you out. 
  For those that haven't seen it, here's the link. These are made at the same German factory that produces those super crunchy knits for Drake's, so we're excited to offer them at such a great price here. Many thanks to Jay at Knottery NYC for helping us out with this one! edit: dat crunch 
 Agreed! A few months ago we did JF's Magnolia, a captoe in some basic colors and sold around 120 pairs I think. We just want to make sure that we don't tire out that style, since we've done it twice now. 
Also, for those that are interested, the J. Fitzpaztrick monks I mentioned earlier are up on the site!  
We don't collect payment until the drop ends, so you should be taken care of :)
We were able to update the international shipping costs - they're much more reasonable now. 
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