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I understand your confusion. Everybody will pay the same amount at the end, so if you pledge to a higher price and then the price goes lower, you'll pay the lower price. That said, you're right that the lowest price is almost always reached. 
  FWIW, I'm 5'9 with a 15" neck and I use a DFIH all the time. Even without one, I had no problem with this tie's length. And as was mentioned, this isn't super thick so a DFIH shouldn't be a problem. 
We're planning on doing 58" and 62". 58 is the standard Panta length. 
Meermin would be a much better bet over the Paul Evans. If you're willing to spend $370 or whatever on the PEs then you should just grab the wholecut from Carmina, which will be much nicer than both IMO.    http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mens-oxford-shoes/wholecut-box-calf-black-910
Quick update for everyone:   The Italian factories are still sort of waking up from their August break, so we haven't gotten 100% confirmation that all of the choices we are going with are available. I don't see there being an issue, but we want to be certain before we start collecting orders. I expect that we will be able to launch within the next 1-3 days, but I wanted to let you know that there's a small delay. Good things come to those who wait!   As for adding...
I'll try and make it!
Regarding options-   The plan is for us to offer four different swatches, two widths, and two lengths, as mentioned before. These will be chosen independent of each other - in other words, you can pick the length, width, and fabric for your specific tie. That makes 16 options total, so hopefully that's enough for everyone. Happy to answer any specific questions about the process to the best of my ability, but I assure you that it will be very easy once everything is...
I'm on the road right now but I'll try and give a further explanation of the process and get a knot pic up later today.
Hey all,    Here's some more info on our upcoming GMTO:   We're planning on launching 9/1. I'll post a link to the 'drop' page at that time. Note that you'll need to make an account to see the page (it only takes an email address). We keep our listings private so that our prices are hidden, which allows us to protect our vendor's pricing structures. There will be a discussion thread attached to the Panta product page when it goes live, so I'd love to move this...
Quick update: as of right now I believe we will begin collecting preorders on Tuesday 9/1. I'll let you all know when everything is finalized and will provide a link when it's up!
New Posts  All Forums: