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I'd say they're all in the dusty, light spectrum like the ones in the pictures.    Here's the brown swatch: 
There are a lot less swatches in this series, so the voting part isn't really necessary - we can offer almost all of them. There will be 5 colors total, including a brown!
The current run will only include these cotton-linen fabrics. FWIW, they are much thicker than the silk fabric used in the last run. More fabric options may be available down the line, but at the moment we're focusing on these. 
Heads up, team: we'll be doing another run of Panta ties soon, in a cotton-silk fabric that I think a few have posted images of in here. The conversation will be going on in the official Massdrop thread, so check it out there if you're interested!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/514455/massdrop-official-affiliate-thread/45#post_8319641  
Nice! Which color?
Quick heads up - next week we'll be launching another run of MTO ties from Ed at Panta. These are going to be offered in a handful of colors in a beautiful cotton-silk fabric that he's used in the past. More details to come!  
Great comparison @Churchill W , thanks! That was a fun project, and hopefully not the last from our good friend @Deusis   More Horween shell up on the site now, for those interested: massdrop.com/buy/ashland-leather-louis-little-new-york-wallet
He's actually worked there for about a decade, doing operations. That's why Ashland always has such great leathers :)   I don't see gunmetal unfortunately, but I do count 6 colors of shell so that's a pretty good spread!    Here's something I found really interesting: here's the same #8 shell piece, the only difference in the two images is that it was rotated 180 degrees. The difference in apparent color is amazing - no wonder this stuff is so hard to photograph...
I just got back from a quick trip to Chicago to meet with some vendors, and had a chance to check out Horween during my visit. Phil Kalas of Horween (and Ashland Leather) has been an all star vendor at Massdrop since the beginning, and he was kind enough to give me a tour. I'm going to launch a drop with with his wallets in some rare shell colors (as well as some classics and CXL) tomorrow, so in anticipation of that I thought I'd share a photo or two from my...
My best guess for that one is March. It's a good un!
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