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and to round things out, here are some sexy EGs in the evening sun...  
@pocketsquareguy getting fitted my Mr. Sasamoto.     
 There is a laptop sleeve on the other side (source: I'm giving the navy one a test drive right now).
And, of course...  
    @pocketsquareguy sporting some RJ alpaca sportcoats at Khakis. 
I'm always down for a meetup! I grabbed a drink with @Linjer last night and saw the black soft briefcase briefly, but we were in a dark bar so I didn't get a good look. Felt (and smelled) great though. Initial impressions were good.
I'll be there!
 Glad to hear that I'll have priority admission - the lines at Pitti are so long these days.
 When I was in the NMWA shop they had the Formosa MTOs in a nearly identical pattern there as well - I kept mixing them up! I'd say that it is a touch shorter than what I'd prefer - it actually seems like it might be a touch shorter than the Tipo cuts I have tried on (but I'm not certain, so don't quote me on that).  But yeah, like you said - take that image and my comments with a big grain of salt.
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