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@katabatic Looks great! I have the same fabric in almost the same configuration. 
Looks great! Congrats!
 Great tie, great suit, great everything.
5'10", 150 lbs, size 8.5 shoe. I tend to shoot for about 8" with trousers, and around 7.75" with denim and chinos. I have a couple pairs of chinos with 7.5" openings but that's as small as I'll go. I'm a skinny guy with thin legs and small-ish feet, and even I feel like a carrot with 7.5" pants. I think the guys who taper their trousers past that have never seen their reflection from the side.    For reference, 8" opening on some Howard Yount trous (please excuse the...
I believe it includes everything. I'm all full for proxys, but I thought I would post some quick pictures of the stuff. For more info, you can check the post on my blog.  Some of the S/S sportcoats, with suits on the wall: Here's me in a Zegna wool/linen SC. Not the best picture, but I'd say that they fit very TTS. This is a 46R IT, my usual size. It's a great SC with a great fit. Antonio did a wonderful job making it fairly classically proportioned but very appealing, all...
I'm now doing one jacket proxy from the SF Bloomingdales tomorrow, so I can probably do one or two more. PM me if you're interested. Polo selection was a little thin, at least compared to suits and sportcoats. Navy hopsack was available from 48S-50L IT I think, and most of the other models had a bit more stock. 
 I wouldn't call the classic line suede so-so just because it is split grain. It's perfectly good. Not as good as reverse calf, but there are plenty of good shoes that don't use that. I guess it depends on what you are used to but they're certainly miles above something like Clarks Desert Boots (which Carson cited as one he owns), and I personally wouldn't think of them as "beaters."
I won't promise anything, but I'll consider it. PM me and we'll talk.
Hey guys, new to this thread but thought I would jump in. I live about two blocks away from the SF Bloomingdales so I've had several opportunities to pop in and check things out. Here's what I know:   1. Yes, it's all great stuff. My favorites are the navy hopsack and the guncheck sportcoats. 2. Yes, it was 40% off two weeks ago. 3. Yes, there is a pretty full range of sizes, including down to 46 IT (although many sizes are becoming scarce in some models due to...
Why is having a ventless jacket so important? Is it just because it's "correct" or is there a deeper reason? I consider myself a black tie stickler, but I have no interest in a ventless jacket, correct as it may be. It just seems too dated and looks worse most of the time (wrinkles when sitting, moves when you put your hands in your pocket, etc). Anyway, here's that same tux after alterations. I'm quite pleased with it. I'll have a detailed review on my blog later this week. 
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