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Nice! I assume that's the Roma spread and not the cutaway? I've been favoring the Roma spread on my dress shirts as of late. 
True, it could be possible, but I believe the photos much more than I believe the copy - I've seen that Meermin sometimes has a copy-paste approach to product details, since sometimes they will refer to an oxford as a 'monk' or something like that. If that shoe really does have a leather sole I would feel much more comfortable purchasing if the photos matched the words. 
I was really excited about these until I saw the stitched half rubber sole - would have been all over them if they had the normal channeled leather sole. Also, it's the same thing I mentioned before, where they say that the leather is chrome tanned and then later say that all shoes use veg tanned leather. Odd. 
My hunch is that it's vegano marron, as seen here on the Simpson last: http://www.leatherfoot.com/blog/2013/07/25/new-stock-carmina-80105-in-vegano-marron/
 I would be very interested if we did it on the Rain last, which I think is a bit more accommodating. I've seen a lot of models very similar to this, but only on the Simpson. 
So there's a new style up in the classic line of oxfords that looks pretty nice: https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4609#   On their instagram, Meermin implies that it will eventually be available in 3 colors.   After looking at the product page, though, I'm a bit confused - they state that the leather is chrome tanned, and later say that all of their leathers are vegetable tanned. Got me wondering as to what this really is. 
I'll just walk over from my apartment. Sounds like we've got the whole range covered. 
This afternoon I worked on a new pair of Alfred Sargent Armfields and bulled the toecaps a bit. I'm still fairly new to the high shine techniques, so it was good practice. All told, I used Saphir Reno, cream polish, and wax polish, along with Kirby's fancy little water dispenser.    The 'damage'     the tools     Getting there     Left: after, right: before  
I'll be there, hopefully with +1 or 2 friends.
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