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Does anyone know if SuSu will have any more new products in F/W this season or is the Spring stuff the next thing up?
 Maybe I'm obtuse, but I don't see it up there.  EDIT: I see now that it's up in the order tool, just not on the collar style page. Gonna give it a try. 
 Depends on what you're looking for, I suppose. Here's an interactive google map I made with all the best stores: http://fromsqualortoballer.com/post/92434875220/mens-clothing-accessories-and-services-in-san Khaki's probably has the best selection but is a ways away. FWIW, I recently learned that Bloomies carries Drake's.
Any update on the new roma spread collar style? Looking forward to trying it out.
I used to go there all the time because it was the only place open past like 7pm.
Does anyone know if there will be any more outerwear drops? I would love to get one of their merano coats, but not in the aggressive patterns and colors they have now. A simple navy or cream color like these ring jacket overcoats would be great, but they seem to only do them in loud fabrics this season.   On a similar note, does anyone know if their "Bleecker" fit has the same back details as the Merano?
FWIW I sent her an email two or three days ago and have not heard back. 
 I think that if the design already exists you can't re-submit it.
I've been wondering what their store is like. I'll try to make it.
Yep, and CMT stands for "cut, make, trim."
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