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Those are all pretty narrow lasts, right? Ron is reasonably normal/wide (moreso than Hiro I think), so my hunch is 6.5. I have a slightly wide foot and went down one full size from my US size.
Nice! Thanks, guys!
I haven't tried it, but I doubt that would work.
 When I tried the tassels on at the trunk show I went down a full size from my US size. I'm and 8.5 D-E in US and the 7.5D Meermin was fine.
I might be wrong, but I think there's a free shipping deal for orders over a certain amount if you sign up for the newsletter. 
^Those look great! Well done.   For this week I worked on a pair similar to last week's suede captoes. These Loake chukkas have seen a ton of action and are getting pretty beat up; I think they look good a bit roughed up, but it was time to tend to the ratty sole edges and water marks, etc. Like last week, I applied Reno to the sole edges, brushed the suede, and used a suede eraser on the blemishes.   Before:     After:    
Just to add to what the others said - I'm 5'9", and the S is shorter than any of my other shirts, esp. on the sides. It's definitely not something I could tuck in well. I imagine it will be too short for you, but do consult the measurements.
Although I have a couple pairs of suede shoes now, I'm not as proficient in their care regimen (and don't have all of the recommended care products yet). Nonetheless, I'm still able to keep them from looking too ratty with a few simple things.   Here's a pair of suede captoes, made by Alfred Sargent for Sid Mashburn (a great ebay find). They've seen a lot of wear and it's starting to show. Although I'm sure they've earned a good suede shampoo or whatever, I just did some...
Conrad, your chocolate shantung tie is getting some love over on my TSBMen feature right now. Looking forward to the new collection!  
New Posts  All Forums: