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Berg&Berg always has pretty limited quantities due to their small size, so unfortunately they do tend to go quickly! Sorry about that. 
That sounds about right. I have the swatch in front of me and it's a kinda milk-chocolatey brown. Definitely lighter than the Dundee's "bitter chocolate" (I know some thought it was the same material - it's not), and more of a red-brown than a green-brown (if that makes sense).    I think this pic is pretty accurate (it's under studio light). I'll see if I can find more as well.   
 They look great! Looks like your good timing paid off 
 We don't have an app (someday I bet we will, but I won't pretend to know the answer to that), but our site is responsive so that it should make for a pretty good mobile experience. A huge percentage of our purchases are via mobile, in fact. 
I have a call with AE next week to discuss this 
Oh nice, I didn't even know they started going out! I know AE is shipping them in batches so that we can get them into people hands ASAP...sounds like it's working!
I believe he's referring to this - http://www.styleforum.net/t/531293/allen-edmonds-x-massdrop-unlined-chukka-boot-review-info/60#post_8636612
Our second run of desadstock madders from Robert Keyte is up!   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/robert-keyte-deadstock-ancient-madder-ties  
Which batch were you in? The first 500 are shipping in December and the remainder are shipping in Feb. 
 My best guess is 11.5D, but hard to say. 
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