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We're working to get this wrapped up ASAP! Ed's previous comment still applies, as far as I know. Thanks for hanging in there - I'm excited for mine too!
I also found Eidos ties to be quite long. Not a complaint, just an observation. Definitely the longest I own and a bit more challenging to tie because of it. Quite nice, though, they've gotten a lot of wear. My DFIH game still needs work as well. 
Hey everybody,   My name is Ian and I am the Buying Manager for the Men's Style community at Massdrop. I'm looking for someone to join our team and help bring the best apparel and accessories to the site.    For those of you who are not familiar with Massdrop, we provide enthusiasts across several communities with a place to connect with one another, discuss their favorite products and activities, and buy those products together. In short, it's organizing group buying...
I highly doubt SuSu is trying to con you out of a refund. I've returned (and purchased) many things along with many others here, and returns have always been processed eventually (for me at least).    I agree that it's not ideal to wait but I think escalating it and disputing the charge is a bit much. 
I'm a 36R. Definitely saw at least one 36S. 
I like the pleat front, but I don't have a strong preference. I may try the bib in the future, we'll see.    IME, the MOP buttons have been pretty solid. Some have chipped after many washes, but that's fairly expected. I've handled some pretty flimsy MOP buttons in the past on other makers and have found PC's much nicer compared so a couple other shirtmakers I've tried. 
   I went with the Roma Spread and it works well for what I wanted. FWIW, I never considered the wing collar. I don't seem to have any close ups of the collar while being worn (or at least none from the early part of a black tie event before things get out of hand), but here are a few other pics of the shirt.     
Stopped by Bloomies in SF yesterday and it looks like they'd put out all the new Eidos stuff. Looked really great - lots of windowpane suits and sportcoats, a cream/brown houndstooth SC, blackwatch tux dinner jacket, and a bunch of other nice pieces I can't remember. 
That was just an estimate when we launched. While the drop was live we switched it to 11/18 to accommodate all the orders that were coming in (350 ties sold!).  That said, Ed's doing what he can to keep things moving but we don't want to rush anyone into doing subpar work or anything like that. 
I think @GusW 's place would work well for a trunk show  
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