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My best guess for that one is March. It's a good un!
 Which one are you thinking about in particular? In general, we try to keep those up fairly regularly. I'd say we probably run through most of them every 2 months or so. 
Thanks for participating, everyone! It looks like @Claghorn will take home the prize - congrats, and nicely done! I'll PM you soon with the details.    I'll also be updating with more info on upcoming projects soon, so keep an eye out! 
Hey folks,   I'm running a little contest in the newly-created Massdrop affiliate thread - post a pic of yourself wearing one of your new Panta ties, winner gets $50 store credit. Also, the conversation about new tie runs with Panta will take place in that thread as well, so keep an eye out for that!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/514455/massdrop-official-affiliate-thread/15#post_8281877  
Hey all! I was thinking that we'd kick this thread off with a little contest - since we just shipped out 350 ties from Panta last month, I wanted to see some pics of everyone wearing them (I've already seen some on the forum and Instagram, so let's get some in here!). So, how about this - post a pic of you wearing your Panta tie from the recent Massdrop run (along with your Massdrop username), and the picture with the most thumbs gets $50 store credit. The contest will...
I certainly hope so! Working on it right now. 
 Like the others, I can attest to the fact that it fits like a Napoli. I went TTS. More info here if you want it. 
Don't worry, they keep the lights pretty dim at HoS. 
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