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Also, for those that are a bit more "denim and boots" than "suit and tie" - I'm really excited to say that we're now working with Thorogood 1892, Thorogood's new heritage line that has yet to expand much into the US market (it's mostly in Japan and Europe). All the footwear in this collection is made in Wisconsin, most of out leathers from Horween. Anyway, we're starting with their classic plaintoe design, the "Beloit," for a great price. You can see the drop here.   
 In this case, they are not yet available to buy at retail price so basically you're getting them before they're available to the general public and for 15% less. But yes, there are many places to buy grenadines at varying prices and levels of quality (I think these have a particularly strong value proposition given the quality and price, but that's just my opinion). 
 That's what I figured! I'll keep an eye out for it, I think there might be some floating around out there. 
They'll all be 8cm. 
Quick heads up - tomorrow we're launching preorders for these Grenadine ties from Knottery NY. They're not released on his site yet, but we're going to be offering them at an introductory price. Keep an eye out!  
 I have been leaning toward the Cambridge, given that it's a great boot with lasted shoe trees included for under $400. With that said, I just don't think it looks quite as good as the Coniston (differences in last shape, eyelets, height, etc), but I agree that a darker color is a good idea (and the extra $100 for the Coniston isn't nothing either).  With that said, I just noticed that Purdey has the Coniston in dark brown. Stock is low but I emailed them to see if they're...
Nice, thanks! When I first saw those last year I felt like the captoe was a bit too big (ironically, the opposite problem of the Park ave), but agreed that it's definitely a good choice as well. 
Hi Boot Guys!   So I don't claim to be a Boot Guy in any way (quite the opposite, really), but I have been on a quest to add a great pair of boots to my rotation (a OneBoot, if you will). Since I'm looking to only add one pair I'm looking for a pretty middle-of-the-road, classic option. Here are the specs I'm envisioning - happy to get feedback here:   -captoe derby boot -Dainite or equivalent sole -nothing too pointy or blobby -something in mid-brown, preferably...
Do you know the model number you're interested in? We're working on bringing more Sea Gull to the site, and I think I remember seeing a moonphase.  Also, general note - we'll be bringing back the Buday oxfords at the end of this week, for those that are interested! 
   Thanks, guys! They've been well-received thus far, so we'll definitely have three more batches coming your way through the rest of the year. 
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