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Quick update: as of right now I believe we will begin collecting preorders on Tuesday 9/1. I'll let you all know when everything is finalized and will provide a link when it's up!
What @LA Guy said! I should have updates on what to expect next very soon. 
 No, we just took pictures of the swatches as they are. We didn't turn them 45 degrees or anything weird like that. I would trust Ed on this, as he's worked with this exact fabric many times. 
 Good point. As of right now I think that width and fabric will be two independent choices. As you know, though, we will want to keep the overall number of options low as to keep the order simple (which will ultimately be faster and cheaper). So right now we're envisioning two width choices, four fabric choices, and that's it.   Right now the rough schedule is that this will go up on Massdrop last week of this month, order will be placed very beginning of September, and...
For those wondering about widths, I spoke with Ed and as of right now we're planning on offering two (most likely 8cm and 9cm). 
Regarding cost - this isn't finalized and will ultimately depend on how much participation we see (the more people in the group buy, the better the cost). Either way, I think there should be some solid costs savings off of the original price.    Regarding width - I know that Panta's default width is 8cm. I can see if it's possible to have two widths since these will be MTO, but I don't want to promise that yet. Either way, I doubt there would be with options less than 8...
Definitely. If there's enough interest and we can convince the vendor to work with us, the sky's the limit. 
For those that were interested in the Panta madder tie GMTO, you can find more info here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/505913/massdrop-x-styleforum-x-panta-madder-tie-gmto-official-collaboration   @heldentenor @MrTRC 
Hey everyone, After getting some requests in a different thread, we've teamed up with Styleforum and Panta to put together a GMTO for Panta's popular madder ties.  A little background: I work for an e-commerce company called Massdrop, a site that helps product enthusiasts organize group buys for their favorite products (and in doing so, leverage a better price than an individual could get). I head up the men's style vertical there, and I have been chatting with @LA...
Should have more info on the Pantas very soon, I'll keep you posted!
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