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 The things I would do for a pair of walnut macneils at $299...
 Thanks for the info. Was really looking for some 3-last options other than the Franciscan. Good sale nonetheless for those who need staples such as the fifth ave and delray
 +1. Not a leather expert by any means, but it is reminiscent to me of AE seconds skins that have higher than normal "fat" content in them
 Thanks for the link. I think beside the Portland boot, there isn't much for me this fall (thank the Lord).
 A shell kenilworth would be perfect. Another member picked up a pair on ebay a while back- looked amazing. I am jealous of all you guys who have been receiving the fall catalogues! I received 2 for AE's new clothing line in the past week, but nothing for 2013 fall lineup. Anyone care to share? =)
 Dundees in brown would be my choice. More versatile in my opinion. I would get away with wearing a plain toed chukka to work, but I doubt a high wingtip boot.
 The pair of Van Ness I owned a few years back had something similar looking on the inside. For curiosity's sake I lifted and peeled it back a little- It was a thin layer of leather, with what seemed like a thin layer of cotton-like material underneath (imagine a cotton ball). No idea what was underneath that layer though... I didn't peel back too much because the insole was not removable.  I can't speak to what that cotton-like material was, or if the new strands have the...
 I would go with 9D if you plan on wearing the loafers with socks. The patriots are much shorter than the 5 last shoes of the same size.
Jumped on a pair of Brown Cordovan Strands. I hope ordering the same size as calf will do.
 Oh geez. Thought I was done this year also. Might actually cave if they have some walnut or cappuccino shell in my size at that price.
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