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 Thanks for the info. Was really looking for some 3-last options other than the Franciscan. Good sale nonetheless for those who need staples such as the fifth ave and delray
 +1. Not a leather expert by any means, but it is reminiscent to me of AE seconds skins that have higher than normal "fat" content in them
 Thanks for the link. I think beside the Portland boot, there isn't much for me this fall (thank the Lord).
 A shell kenilworth would be perfect. Another member picked up a pair on ebay a while back- looked amazing. I am jealous of all you guys who have been receiving the fall catalogues! I received 2 for AE's new clothing line in the past week, but nothing for 2013 fall lineup. Anyone care to share? =)
 Dundees in brown would be my choice. More versatile in my opinion. I would get away with wearing a plain toed chukka to work, but I doubt a high wingtip boot.
 The pair of Van Ness I owned a few years back had something similar looking on the inside. For curiosity's sake I lifted and peeled it back a little- It was a thin layer of leather, with what seemed like a thin layer of cotton-like material underneath (imagine a cotton ball). No idea what was underneath that layer though... I didn't peel back too much because the insole was not removable.  I can't speak to what that cotton-like material was, or if the new strands have the...
 I would go with 9D if you plan on wearing the loafers with socks. The patriots are much shorter than the 5 last shoes of the same size.
Jumped on a pair of Brown Cordovan Strands. I hope ordering the same size as calf will do.
 Oh geez. Thought I was done this year also. Might actually cave if they have some walnut or cappuccino shell in my size at that price.
For your consideration is one pair of shell cordovan Patriots. I purchased them along with another few pairs in 9D the middle of 2013, but unfortunately I realized that it is the wrong size for me. I am now looking to thin the herd.   There are no noticeable defects on these shoes, and shoes are still in very good condition. Please refer to the pictures. Shoe trees and a set of Allen Edmonds shoe bags will be included.   Shoes will be sold as-is (no returns) and I will...
New Posts  All Forums: