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Sounds delicious. Did you get them in shell? Please post pictures when they come!
 I'm pretty sure thats the way it works right? Here is an old description with the background:http://reviews.allenedmonds.com/7512-en_us/SF7801/bayfield-reviews/reviews.htm?sort=submissionTime&dir=asc
 Great looking boot. I would be tempted to snatch a pair up if they ever come up on closeout in my size again. They are also a conversation starter being they were the boots worn in the movie Titanic!
1 year old cambridges today [[SPOILER]]
Wow- congrats on the haul. I'm really digging the suede models and the BB Macneils. Great choices.
 Interesting. With all the AE fans on this thread we could probably purchase a tiny minority share . Imagine us having the opportunity to give thread-sourced input to AE's ops! (probably would result in massive losses)
 Includes cordovan versions of these models?
Another pic of my new brown cordovan with his brother in burgundy. Cambridges are unavailable for picture at the moment
First time wearing my brown shell cordovan. They fit exactly like my cambridges which are one width smaller. Would not hesitate to jump on another pair of cordovan in brown in the future. (Excuse the pants)
 In my experience the full toes fit a little tighter around the toe, so it feels more solid. Depends what you want- I use full toes in most of my shoes and split toes on my loafers to avoid any chance of stretching
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