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 The thick beefrolls look a little too old-mannish for me, but to each his own. I much prefer the patriots or the discontinued (?) randolphs or westchesters.
I have ugly rectangle feet- narrow heel, wider forefoot and high instep. I fit a 8.5E in AE 5 last pretty well. I can manage a 9D, but there is too much room for my preference in the toebox and the instep is too low.   All indications from reading this is that I'll need the Rain or Inca lasts to fit my width (11 width 26.6cm length)and instep specs.    A lot of recommendations around here for people in AE D-widths, anybody with experience in AE E-widths and the...
 Great sleuthing- befitting of your username. What was your method in finding these hidden links, if you don't mind sharing?
 Looks like its back to $149 again...
 You guys must not have high insteps. Balmorals are much sleeker, I do agree, but they are much harder to dress down IMO.
 I think the state's sales tax law also comes into play. My state has an AE presence, but no sales tax on shoes= no sales tax from shoebank
I remember someone asking about "pitting" with shell cordovan a few pages back, but I couldnt find the post to quote. Parts of my cambridges and patriots just wouldn't shine up with the mac method, so after about a dozen wears, I put a thin coat of allen edmonds cordovan cream on and viola! The pitting was significantly less pronounced and started to shine up like the rest of the shoe. It is still rougher than the other parts upon closer inspection though. Will plan on...
 Agreed. Nobody will ever notice. If they are comfortable, are structurally sound and if you can get over the "flaw" mentally, I personally would not return. I've been waiting for a pair of walnut cordovans to come up in my size for a while now and no luck so far.
 I've come across a few pairs of del rays with that wrinkling problem too (first and second quality). Sales Associates have told me it is due to the skin having a higher fatty content than usual. 
 These were available when I called, but I just didn't know how I felt about the concept of black shell. Does black shell actually patina well through time? Nevertheless, they look great!
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