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 Gentlemen- we have discovered Bill Gates' SF Username!
 Interesting that you were able to go down a full size from the Leeds in E width. The Leeds are on pretty much the widest last AE offers. I went down .5 width to my UK size for the rain last in a bal, and it had just the right width and maybe a tad long - perhaps it was my high instep? Not sure if I could have went down a whole size (not even thinking about 1.5 sizes down) without it being too narrow.
Excited to see pictures of everyone's 2 for $250 pickups after today. I recently picked up a pair of shells, so I don't think I'll be getting any this time around. 
 Beautiful. I will have to get a pair of cordovan PTBs one of these days. How is the sizing compared to the 5 last?
 Thanks. I was fortunate enough to try on a pair. AE 5 Last 8.5ECarmina Rain Last 8UK The fit was actually pretty good (enough room for my feet. I was taken aback as to how "small" my feet looked on the chiseled last vs the "blobbier" AE. I also tried on an Inca last doublemonk in 8UK, and it seemed to be too big for me. Strange, because the Rain and Inca lasts are supposed to fit the same according to this thread. Maybe its a balmoral vs double monk thing?
 The thick beefrolls look a little too old-mannish for me, but to each his own. I much prefer the patriots or the discontinued (?) randolphs or westchesters.
I have ugly rectangle feet- narrow heel, wider forefoot and high instep. I fit a 8.5E in AE 5 last pretty well. I can manage a 9D, but there is too much room for my preference in the toebox and the instep is too low.   All indications from reading this is that I'll need the Rain or Inca lasts to fit my width (11 width 26.6cm length)and instep specs.    A lot of recommendations around here for people in AE D-widths, anybody with experience in AE E-widths and the...
 Great sleuthing- befitting of your username. What was your method in finding these hidden links, if you don't mind sharing?
 Looks like its back to $149 again...
 You guys must not have high insteps. Balmorals are much sleeker, I do agree, but they are much harder to dress down IMO.
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