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 I definitely understand what you are talking about. Sometimes I get the same delay, and it seems if you cast a wider net, your chances increase (email 2 different outlets, one will answer... or just pick up the phone). I don't have experience with the shoemart's system. but it does sound interesting. How are their prices in terms of % off vs. AE's shoebank? I might have to look into this, but I don't exactly know my alden sizing, and some major QC issues on firsts in the...
 I'm due for a pair of plaintoe shell. I would be interested in some Dundees, Leeds or brown norwiches, if they are at an attractive enough price
 Simply amazing. I have a pair of tan RL slatons and I've always wondered how they would look in shell...
 Judging from the markings, the 7 last?
 A quick polish with the burgundy AE shell cordovan care creme made my brownish cambridges much more burgundy. YMMV
 Closest thing would be the townleys on the 2-last that some SF members fortuitously snatched up a few months back
 I would be interested in a Mid Brown Shell makeup of the discontinued Marlow austerity brogue (looks like a macallister, but nowhere as busy).. unfortunately the funds arent there right now. Pic for reference:
 I love mine. But I would love to have it in shell (previously offered as a webgem)
 Fifth Ave and rutledge would be the closest bets.
 Try to get some info about AE's outstanding order of non-standard shell colors  Also, there has been much discussion about the quality of AE shell vs Alden shell... is there any real difference when it leaves Horween's premises? He probably isn't allowed to answer these questions, but hey... its worth trying!You are a very lucky guy to get to go on this tour! Have fun.
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