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 I love mine. But I would love to have it in shell (previously offered as a webgem)
 Fifth Ave and rutledge would be the closest bets.
 Try to get some info about AE's outstanding order of non-standard shell colors  Also, there has been much discussion about the quality of AE shell vs Alden shell... is there any real difference when it leaves Horween's premises? He probably isn't allowed to answer these questions, but hey... its worth trying!You are a very lucky guy to get to go on this tour! Have fun.
 Would be interested to see what outfits she wears with AE shell haha. Unfortunately my SO shows no interest in high-quality footwear, instead opting for quantity
 Which is... not very often at all. The only thing I've really seen on sale so far are a few sportcoats
I was just browsing on ebay for some shoes... came across these gems- the Marlows. I never knew that AE made an austerity brogue! It is the style i am coveting most right now. If they ever brought it back, I would definitely jump on it!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Shoes-sz-85D-Perfect-Marlow-Wingtips-Oxfords-Black-/251343146181
I agree. Its a little weird AE lasting quirk. I believe the old fairfax were lasted the same way. Doesnt look bad though
 Right- but there might be a chance they might acquire more shells? Why are lighter shades of shell considered more rare- is it because lighter shades require better quality shells, and thus are produced less by Horween?
Really enjoying my brown shell strands today. What are the chances of the walnut shell, or any lighter shade of shell coming back as a webgem any time soon, knowing that AE is almost out of their current walnut stock? I'm pretty bummed that I missed out on it when it came out 2 years ago. A walnut dundee or leeds would be perfect for my collection.
New Posts  All Forums: