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I would love a pair (a little upset I didn't jump when they were more widely available). How was the pricing?
YMMV - I have a very high instep, and the Patriot works for me. The cordovan is more pliable than calf after a few wears and breaks in well. 
Closest thing would probably be the Clifton or the RL Slaton
 Hm... I don't see any defects. I ONLY SEE PATINA!
 In my opinion (some may disagree), They run much narrower and a tad shorter than the 5 last. I am usually a 8.5E in the 5 last, and I fit a 9E in the RL bluchers (slaton and sandersons). I had tried the 8.5E and they were just way too tight on my slightly wide foot. 9Es fit a tad loose in the heel, but otherwise are perfect. There are others here who wear the same size as their 5 last size and are fine with it, their feet may be more forgiving than mine
 You are a god among men in this thread just for those makeups. Well done- I am supremely jealous
Rl sandersons in brown today!
 Interesting, would you care to share some examples? I've always just assumed natural shell to look somewhat like walnut
 I really like the shape of those. What were the names of these on the seconds list? I'm wondering if I missed them because I didn't recognize the model name
 Looks like an interesting alternative... but I'm not an early adopter by any means, especially after seeing some of these recent Meermin experiences
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