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Would be interested in this also, as I have similar measurements. I'm usually a 8.5D in the AE 5 last- does anyone with AE have experience with the Hiro and Rui lasts? The Rui shell derbys are looking really nice...
Agreed- would you polish with a light coat of dark brown once every few polishings? I feel like this might bring about streaking on the walnut
  Personally I would love for AE to make a shoe in the color in your pic (something in between walnut and burnished brown). Walnut can be too flashy at times, while brown can be a little boring.
  I was on the same boat when I saw the parkways in grey. Interesting... but I couldn't ever imagine wearing it to work. Anyone have any "in the wild" pics of grey calf shoes to enlighten us?
The leather looks pretty cheap, but I'm surprised JC penny can offer such a decent looking last when most of the other stuff at the price point look like loaves of bread
I personally like the slightly squared off toe (see the previous pages for my parkway pictures). The fit is a little bit larger than the 5 last, I would say about 1/4 inch longer than the 5 and a little bit wider around the ball off the foot. It fits my foot really well because I am in between a D and E on the 5 last, and this seems to work. Some find it large enough to size down 1/2 a size from the 5 last.
The blue cronmoks look great... but I was wondering what exactly does one wear with blue shoes? With casual wear, it would be too matchy-matchy with jeans and it is definitely too casual to wear with "business casual" clothes. Any thoughts?  
I have slightly wide feet at 26.1cm L and 10.9 W. My feet are a touch wide, but I don't have much girth in my instep, so sometimes its harder to fit wide shoes with taller toeboxes. Pepe recommended a size 8UK for the Hiro, Ama and Rui lasts, but looking at their tumblr, it seems like these shapes are very, very different. Anyone with similar sized feet with experience with these lasts?
Speaking of creasing- here are my new parkways after 2 wears. Left foot feels a bit loose since it does not have as much girth in the instep, so its leading to some creasing. Foot bed width at ball of foot and heel are perfect though, so no complaints
They are actually a bit wider (in the forefoot) and longer than the 5 last, my feet are pretty small at 8.5D. I like how the heel isn't super wide like some other Ae lasts. They feel as if I sized up to a 9 on the 8 last in the forefoot (which is usually too narrow for me) but kept the heel of a 8.5 5 last.
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