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I was looking to order a pair of shell on the 5 last (park aves or strands) and I was wondering if I should order my regular 5 last size... As a frame of reference -Calf Strands are a bit tight in the toebox -Calf Park Aves fit perfectly (strange, but they do seem looser) -Mctavishes were way too big in my normal 5 last size   I have heard that shell runs a little bit big vs their calf counterparts... can anyone with experience tell me if they run as large as...
Good looking shoe, a black shoe in an informal style is always a hard match. Walnut or burnished brown would be much easier
Hey, that might be a good thing.... giving me some time to save up some money before blowing it on a few pairs of AEs. May also get the old lady off my back for owning too many pairs of shoes =)
All this shell cordovan talk has gotten me curious about shell. Is the shoebank shell sale still going on?
I like the navy suede Stewarts, but I think they would be much more versatile with a darker sole. I've been waiting for a blue suede PTB for a while now... come on AE!
Haight, Burgundy Dundees and Pasedenas look interesting to me. Can't wait to try these new 3 last shoes
  Where are the shell MacNeils half an inch looser? The regular calf MacNeils are too tight around my pinky toe area because of the clipped toe, but seem to fit my foot well in every other direction. Perhaps this can be my solution!
I finally broke out my camera and took a few pics of my Brown BB Strands, Malverns and Chili LaSalles for all you pic lovers! And oh yea... they are on classified (shameless plug ) because my annoying feet have widened   http://www.styleforum.net/t/310174/three-pairs-of-8-5d-ae-seconds-all-10-wears-bb-strands-malverns-lasalles
-AE Parkways (Burnished Brown) 8.5D First Quality - $225 w/ $10 Shipping Worn 3 times. These beautiful split toes have minimal heel and sole wear, only worn 3 times! There is some normal creasing on the uppers. This is a great way to get into AE's new 3 last... I think the upper stitching is beautiful!   Now on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Parkway-8-5D-Worn-3-Times-/230849328483?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item35bfb13563#ht_500wt_1202     I accept...
Not sure about this. I tried on the larchmont .5 smaller than my strands and got a pretty similar fit. My forefoot was swimming in my normal strand size. Best for you to find a chance to try it on in person, everyone's foot shape is different
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