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That may be an old shoe store that recently closed (I forgot their name, but apparently they used to be a large AE dealer). It really confuses me why they needed another one in the area, as they already have one on 44th and Madison, one at 30 Rockerfeller and another store in the 50s. As a midtown worker, I have to say, I'm not exactly complaining though ... If their business model can support so many expensive locations, good for them (and us)!
Thanks for the info. I am really disappointed because I ordered and the 7 last does not fit me. I couldn't find a good email address or phone number to contact them at- can you please let me know how you contacted them?   Thanks
I just jumped for the Gramercy in Cognac! I tried on (and also ordered the Regent Street)... I don't know if 2 pairs of longwings will be duplicative (Hoping someone can validate my obsession with pics of owning multiple MacNeils haha) , but I couldn't resist because of how well the 4 last fits me. Does anybody have pictures of how AE's old cognac looked?
Amsterdam in Bourbon looks really nice
Stopped by the store this morning to try on the Daltons, but I was smitten by the new Hamptons and Regent Street. The contrasting Grain/Smooth leather is great looking and has a very English/premium feel to it (looks much, much better than the website). As for the Regent Street in Chili- they will be my next shoes. I've always wanted a pair of MacNeils but the 7 last doesnt fit me well because of the clipped toe- my pinky toe would not have enough room in the 7 last. The...
Sir, you are a true American Hero. Your pics are always informative and beautiful- thanks!
Hey All, I'm requesting some pics of both the walnut and chocolate daltons in the wild as I'm deciding between the 2. I've always wanted a pair of Chocolates, but I've been hesitant because I already have a pair of dark brown boots. Naturally, the walnut Daltons would be the logical choice for diversity's sake, but the chocolate seems much more versatile (don't think I can wear walnut daltons with dress trousers/ nicer chinos) and classic (who knows how the color...
Those look great! I don't think I would have enough swagger to wear those on a regular basis. I'm also too vigorous of a shoe polisher to "keep between the lines"
A few of you have noted interest in the Parkways on the past few pages, so here is some SPAM  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Parkway-8-5D-Worn-3-Times-/230849328483?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item35bfb13563#ht_500wt_1202   if spamming here is inappropriate, just take this post as my opportunity to show off some real life pics of the parkway         
What is your take on the 3rd pic, the stock AE photo showing a soft V? Some have said that this is appropriate for more casual balmorals such as the walnut strands. I personally think it looks pretty good.
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