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I agree, each foot is shaped differently and its very hard to gauge what will fit who. The 7 last is strange also because it has a very wide heel in combination with the narrow toe, which is the exact opposite of my foot shape (narrow heel, regular to slightly wide forefoot)
I am on the same boat. The 7 last does not work for me because of the tapered toe. The 7 last is too short and narrow in the toebox for me, while the 5 is a great fit. That being said, the new regent streets in the 4 last fit me perfectly in the same size as my 5 last shoes
[[SPOILER]] I'm pretty sure the beginning of my AE obsession since 2010 and their significant growth since that time isn't a coincidence . Jokes aside, they have been getting more creative and responsive to customer wants in the past year. Parkways, Regent Streets and Amsterdams (en route) for me in the past few months... I think I have a problem.
I jumped on the offer because the McAllister doesnt seem to be coming in Bourbon next season. I've been looking for something in between walnut and burnished brown for a while now and this will be perfect.
I can't speak directly about this sole, but my experience with the topy AE made for BB models tell me that they wear very durably. Even after 5-10 wears, there is barely any visible evidence of wear. Its not as elegant as an all leather sole, but it will definitely increase the sole's longevity.
Thanks for the pictures. There was some discussion on the site before as to whether the 3 UD offerings were like the "rough" collection leathers. Do you think the leather offered on the Amsterdam is more like their standard offerings? I would really like to see the bourbon color in person first before buying, but it seems (based on the catalogue pictures posted) that the bourbon will not be offered for the Macallister any time soon.
Loving the recent pics (especially Cold Iron's new #8 Dundees). My Chili Regent Streets came today, so I would just like to share some pictures, because we all know how AE's stock pics are a disservice to how great these shoes actually look in person. I was originally looking to pick up a pair of Daltons for the fall, but when I went into the store I was really taken aback at the texture contrast and color of these Regent Streets. I think they are a little bit more...
That may be an old shoe store that recently closed (I forgot their name, but apparently they used to be a large AE dealer). It really confuses me why they needed another one in the area, as they already have one on 44th and Madison, one at 30 Rockerfeller and another store in the 50s. As a midtown worker, I have to say, I'm not exactly complaining though ... If their business model can support so many expensive locations, good for them (and us)!
Thanks for the info. I am really disappointed because I ordered and the 7 last does not fit me. I couldn't find a good email address or phone number to contact them at- can you please let me know how you contacted them?   Thanks
I just jumped for the Gramercy in Cognac! I tried on (and also ordered the Regent Street)... I don't know if 2 pairs of longwings will be duplicative (Hoping someone can validate my obsession with pics of owning multiple MacNeils haha) , but I couldn't resist because of how well the 4 last fits me. Does anybody have pictures of how AE's old cognac looked?
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