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Pebble Grain Wingtips. Makes sense, as it is at a lower pricepoint than the other C&J models. I just saw Made in England and assumed. Who is the maker, Loake?
Ordered the C&J Peal Wingtip Boot with 30% off yesterday. I had to guess on the sizing since I didn't have a chance to go in store- anybody have any experiences with sizing this boot?
I ordered a bunch and 2 came. I think the ones that are available in the US are being shipped per their usual process, while the ones coming from the Europe outlet are taking a bit longer. I haven't received a shipping/delay email for the ones I have not received either.
I have a high instep, and hiro seemed to be good for me
They both are beautiful. In your opinion, how much narrower is the olfie in the forefoot and heel. Also, how does the instep compare? I had the opportunity to try on the Hiro, but not the Olfie.... and have my eyes set on a pair of Linea Maestro in the Olfie!
I have a slightly wide foot and a high instep. I tried on both the rain and hiro lasts and found them to fit similarly. Rain is probably a tab bigger in the forefoot imo. Hiro fit perfectly.
Very nice. How was pricing and availability for the shells?
Good deal, but it looks strange to me. The strong herringbone stripes make it look like an orphaned suit jacket imo
The perfect model/leather combination imo. Too bad it goes for such a high price. I wonder why freemans exclusives never show up on seconds lists like other retailers' models that AE produces for.
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