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 You are a god among men in this thread just for those makeups. Well done- I am supremely jealous
Rl sandersons in brown today!
 Interesting, would you care to share some examples? I've always just assumed natural shell to look somewhat like walnut
 I really like the shape of those. What were the names of these on the seconds list? I'm wondering if I missed them because I didn't recognize the model name
 Looks like an interesting alternative... but I'm not an early adopter by any means, especially after seeing some of these recent Meermin experiences
 I definitely understand what you are talking about. Sometimes I get the same delay, and it seems if you cast a wider net, your chances increase (email 2 different outlets, one will answer... or just pick up the phone). I don't have experience with the shoemart's system. but it does sound interesting. How are their prices in terms of % off vs. AE's shoebank? I might have to look into this, but I don't exactly know my alden sizing, and some major QC issues on firsts in the...
 I'm due for a pair of plaintoe shell. I would be interested in some Dundees, Leeds or brown norwiches, if they are at an attractive enough price
 Simply amazing. I have a pair of tan RL slatons and I've always wondered how they would look in shell...
 Judging from the markings, the 7 last?
 A quick polish with the burgundy AE shell cordovan care creme made my brownish cambridges much more burgundy. YMMV
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