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Would love some in the wild pics of both the saddle brown and black vernons! I'm thinking about the black to replace my park aves, but the saddle browns look great also from the pics I've seen
Agreed. I'm really liking these.
I'm a young guy that recently picked up the equally bulky Regent Street longwings in Chili. I actually love them for their casualness and ruggedness. Wouldn't recommend them as a super formal shoe though
Just picked up the Chili Delrays on Amazon with the 20% off promo on top of the Rediscover price. Total comes out to just under $200. I also have the bourbon Amsterdams in the mail right now. MY BANK ACCOUNT  
I think it would go fine with anything less than a full suit. I wouldn't hesitate to wear it with slacks and a sportcoat if you got the shoe in brown or black. The grey and walnut look very casual though
I love my Parkways. I was about to sell them, but didn't have the heart to. The stitching is actually my favorite part of the shoe. In brown burnished, it is a great elegant detail and reminds me of the Alden Tanker and LHS
Those look great. Also, the Patriot now also comes in burgundy calf with a tap sole http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4907_1_40000000001_-1. I wonder if it really is built on the 7 last (model number 4907), while all the other Patriot models are built on the 6
Can anyone comment on the fit of the new 6 last for the Patriot? I'm thinking of picking up a pair in burgundy. I have a pair of similar Torinos (which is on the same last as the handsewn Lucca, Verona, Firenze) in brown, but find that despite the great fit, the front of the shoe is too round. Thanks!
If you guys read the narrative under the Patriot- "As if that's not enough, the Patriot is also featured in Genuine Horween® Shell Cordovan leather with an exclusive black, burgundy, and brown finish burnished to rich perfection. The consummate country club shoe, the Patriot is sure to become our next American classic."   Shell might be coming as part of the Fall 2.0 release I suspect.
I have a feeling that horsey shoes' running sneaks are made of cordovan...and he has 3 of the same model in different shades of brown.
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