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My $99 Amoks came today. They fit great! I love the 4 last because it is chiseled, but not too narrow. I made sure to order the newer model (model number the same as the one on the current AE site) as to avoid the squeaking problems I've read about    
Any word as to what the deals will be for the upcoming holiday season? I missed out on the BF sales and am eyeing a pair of shells
The wolverine boots look amazing. How do they fit size-wise compared to other AE boots? I own the fifth aves in calf.
The brown shell strands and the burgundy shell leeds are the standouts here for me. Fantastic collection!
Anybody order the UD Amsterdams and have not received them yet? It has been >6 weeks now since my order and I still haven't gotten any type of notification. I'm wondering if my order got lost in the mix somehow...
I reached out to customer service about this because I wanted to do the same thing. Customer Service rep said that the 2 shades are different
I've heard some folks on here have a lot of problems with the neumora toe-cap creasing. Does the Rutledge have the same problem since they have similar sized caps?
Great looking collection! Must've taken you a good 1/2 hour to take them all out and line them up.... now only to put them back again . Very envious
[[SPOILER]]   Great pic! I can't wait for mine. It seems as if I'm the only one who didn't get theirs today
They look great- the toe cap seems to be much further back than the normal strands also
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