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  Wow those are near perfect for a casual/ business casual shoe. If those were an E width and had a generous return policy, I mightve jumped. These and the custom makeup shell delrays posted earlier in this thread would render me helpless if they ever made it to general production (seconds of course )
I remember some on this thread suggesting that Polished Cobbler being corrected grain leather.    Does anyone know if the upcoming sale will include belts? I would love to find some belts to match my Brown, Bourbon and Burgundy AEs
Has anyone requested relasting their shoes slightly during the AE recrafting process? I know cobblers usually can adjust the size smalle i.e. from a 9 to a 8.5 in the same width. I have a few pairs of 9D that fit, but I recently found my true "perfect" fit is actually 8.5E. From what I gathered from my discussions with some sales associates. 8.5Es and 9Ds start off their lives as identically sized pieces of leather, they are only stretched on the last and stitched...
I found the Tan to be lighter than the walnut (some previous posts in this thread agree with me). The fact that I've had my walnut shoes for >1 year might also accentuate that fact.
Would be very interested to hear if this is actually possible. I have a few pairs of shoes in 9D, but I'm a true 8.5E (not RM). I've never read anywhere that cobblers can do this without distorting/overstretching the leather
Personally, I would rather buy a brown or bourbon kenilworth with an extra set of laces. I don't like the idea of being locked down into a dress-style blucher with a colored lining and sole...
Really cool shoes- catch them on the 'bay? I really hope AE considers bringing back some wholecuts... I have a pair of fairfaxes in my closet waiting for their maiden voyage
I usually do this with my bals http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm. The normal bar lacing method isn't snug enough for me either
[[SPOILER]] Beautiful strands. Try bar-lacing or european bar lacing, i think it will make the shoes look cleaner (just my opinion). I am jealous of all you guys with low insteps that can bring the quarters together like this. My AE bals always have some gap despite fitting in the footbed
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