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 Can you give a description of the old/new heels? I just got a pair in snuff suede that are absolutely gorgeous. Haven't worn them outside yet so I can't report on any squeaks
All the outlets should have access to the same inventory, if I'm not mistaken. Theres been a few occasions where my sales associate has found shoes for me at another outlet and shipped them to me from the second location. The lists they send out also seem to be the same, so I suspect they access the same inventory.
From what I remember, they fit larger in the toe vs the Park aves (those were the calf version that I tried on).. Can't speak directly to Cordovan Patriots
 I'm looking to pick up a boot also- how did you pick up the daltons for 90? Thats incredible!
 Also interested in the Malvern, does it fit TTS?
 Interesting- Any models of note, or boots?
Any idea where SS sells their out of season suits? I was eyeing 2 lazio suits last week with a lot of sizes left that have been taken off the site since they have rolled out their S/S inventory. I should have acted quicker    Edit: Also, does anyone know if this is it for their S/S collection or will more suits be rolled out? I'm looking for a more conservative style in the Lazio, hoping they come out with some soon.
Hunter, I think its a great fit on you- KEEP!
I believe the napoli (or roma) is their most conservative fit. Sounds like La Spalla, Sienna and Lazio might be good for you
They do look narrow on him, but I can't pinpoint what exactly it is. He does have a gap between the laces, but the gap does not seem as big as other examples that we've seen on this thread. What are some other tell-tale factors?
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