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Really cool shoes- catch them on the 'bay? I really hope AE considers bringing back some wholecuts... I have a pair of fairfaxes in my closet waiting for their maiden voyage
I usually do this with my bals http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm. The normal bar lacing method isn't snug enough for me either
[[SPOILER]] Beautiful strands. Try bar-lacing or european bar lacing, i think it will make the shoes look cleaner (just my opinion). I am jealous of all you guys with low insteps that can bring the quarters together like this. My AE bals always have some gap despite fitting in the footbed
I'm guessing it has to do with domestic delivery rates. Quick google search says that FedEx generally is the cheapest option vs UPS and USPS for packages 4 pounds or more. As a US Resident, I have to say FedEx has been pretty consistent with their delivery from the shoebank... no complaints here. Apologies to our Canadian friends.
Here is an example on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-ALLEN-EDMONDS-MENS-SPIAGGIA-WING-TIP-WHITE-SUEDE-14-B-NARROW-325-/370777882330?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item5654157eda   when browsing, I also came across a wholecut loafer. I've been waiting for a sleek wholecut loafer for a while now.... not really sold on the stitching...
They look great! Are the middle pair the new burgundy or brown? 
They ARE ugly, but to be honest i haven't really seen a sleek, nice looking orthotic shoe... I guess there's a segment of the population out there who need them, and apparently AE believes that they are a big market because they are going all in this season with new orthotic models.
Wow, shell McGraws for 125... very impressive. Even a better deal than the Patriots for 179! Truly some steals to be had lately.
[[SPOILER]] Great pics! They look like a great fit on you. Other than the instep issue, any other initial fit comments (i.e. vs other AE shoes)?
  very interesting- thanks for the info! For what its worth, the amok has been dealing with squeaking issues ever since it came out more than a year ago, from what I read on this board and the AE reviews. Regardless, Snuff is the way to go with this shoe! I considered both the brogue and snuff, and after receiving them in person, snuff is much more distinctive (reminds me of the alden unlined suede chukka) IMO
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