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In appreciation of the current sale on RLs, here are mine after a few months of wear. I purchased them the last time the Shoebank had a sale and was actually looking to buy a pair of saunders this time around but unfortunately they didn't have the color I wanted.
Gorgeous. Your post coincided with me coming to terms that I have short/ wide feet with a high instep and probably am not a good fit for the 5 and 3 lasts. I might just have to try out the 1 lasted Leeds and Bradleys soon!
Beautiful. Is the Stratford made by AE also?
Thanks for the response I was looking for! For what it's worth, my Sandersons fit the same as my Slatons (one width tigher and shorter than a 5 last shoe of the same size). The Illfords in the same size were way too big, so maybe AE uses the same boot last for the Illfords and Saunders. 
Renomat is definitely not something you want to use often. I believe the box recommends that you use it once or twice a year at most. It is effective at stripping away buildup of wax, and color paste.
Thanks, are you saying that the sanderson was too narrow, or that the Saunders boot was too narrow vs the Sanderson?   Any other opinions on how the Saunders boot fits vs the slaton or sanderson?
Agreed. When I saw it in the catalogue last year I thought it would be a strange dress shoe/ chukka hybrid, but in these pictures it actually looks pretty clean!
For all the Saunders owners out there. Any word on how it fits vs the Sanderson and Slaton?   All of the RL models are narrow, so I tend to go a width up, but I was just swimming in the Illford boot when I got it in my regular size + 1 width up. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Agreed, I wonder if this is the same zero last as the one AE recently replaced for the 3 last
I had to go one width up vs the 5 last on these, as the D width was just way too narrow
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