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Wore my burgundy cordovan Cambridges today in rainy NYC and I accidentally stepped in a puddle of garbage water....    They STINK now. When I say I stepped in a mustve really been half a foot deep on the sidewalk since the whole shoe was COVERED in this nasty sour smelling liquid. How a sidewalk even develops a puddle like that is beyond me....   Anyway as I am sitting here ashamed at my desk (hoping nobody sits next to me)....what is the best way of...
 I'm on the other side of the coin. Love the shoes, but have too many brown shoes. Wish they offered this in oxblood or merlot (though I may consider Walnut)
So what have people done for their cordovan special makeups so far? I'm interested in perhaps doing the Cornwallis in burgundy shell... but I don't know my size in that last yet - I only have experience with the 5, 8 and 1 lasts.   I am always amazed by the creativity of SF members.
Awesome - are only black/burgundy and brown shell available for all styles? Thanks!
 Hah- I have this conversation weekly with my wife. She claims all my shoes "look the same". I proceed to explain to her the difference between blucher vs. balmoral; plain toe vs. cap toe. vs. brogue; shortwing vs. longwing; shell vs calf, etc. Her eyes just glaze over in every time.
 Interesting proposition. What color shell do they have - burgundy, brown and black?
Oxblood was a tad too light and flashy for me so I let some renouvateur sit in the leather for 20 min and hit the shoes with some merlot Polish. Loving these so far...they are at the right height so they did not bother my ankles during the break-in stage like my fifth street and dundees did.
Picked up a pair of Daltons. I am ready for Northeast fall and winter to come!
Cordovan Dundees are on their maiden voyage today. The sides are killing my ankles because they are not broken in yet. I hope the pain is worth it! I love the look of broken in cordovan
Slowly building up my shell collection during these sales. My humble count is up to 4. I hope to add a pair or 2 more in a lighter walnut/whiskey shade and I'll be good. The Dundees are my latest acquisition.
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