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Interested in the Harrison myself. How is the instep of the 333 compared to the 5? I am a 8.5E on the 5...slightly wide foot, but high instep....wondering if I should just get the 8.5D for the Harrison. Also, how does the new 201 last compare to the 5?
Thanks for the in person pic. How do the Warwick and Rogue fit compared to your standard 5 last?
I've been out of the SF game for a good bit, but took some time with my bottle of Saphir and a few pairs AEs last night. I realized that most of my AEs are of the dark brown brogue persuasion and that I should really get some plaintoes in different colors soon. Does anybody have the details for the upcoming April sale (I apologize if it has been posted already, I've been out of the loop for a while!). Also, how does the new 201 last compare to the 5 last?
Any word on the shoebank's deal on cordovan for RDA? I missed out on the last sale from the shoebank on cordovan for $329 a few weeks back
Interested in this as well. Seems to be similar fabrics and claims to be half-canvassed. Ordered 2 as workhorse suits for work, as the Napoli fits me pretty well for a conservative work environment- will report back.
I like the concept of the U-Wing, and it looked pretty well executed when AE posted a walnut prototype in the wild a while back. I would much rather have a plain toe though, as it is a little busy. Something like Carmina's U-Wing would be perfect 
Pebble Grain Wingtips. Makes sense, as it is at a lower pricepoint than the other C&J models. I just saw Made in England and assumed. Who is the maker, Loake?
Ordered the C&J Peal Wingtip Boot with 30% off yesterday. I had to guess on the sizing since I didn't have a chance to go in store- anybody have any experiences with sizing this boot?
I ordered a bunch and 2 came. I think the ones that are available in the US are being shipped per their usual process, while the ones coming from the Europe outlet are taking a bit longer. I haven't received a shipping/delay email for the ones I have not received either.
I have a high instep, and hiro seemed to be good for me
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